Chillar Party a cute movie :)

I saw it on CD and within a week it is going to come on TV , Yes the last one i saw on TV was Stanelly ka dabba

There was a time when there was dearth of movies on childrten especially in 2000-2005 when sai paranjpai and the child authority of india had almost stopped making movies on children. But now market is filled with buyers for such movies channels like pogo , CN are all set to pay money for them but i doubt that these movies are really able to catch some crowd for theaters .

Well lets talk about this movie chillar party ..

Its about a set of kids in colony who have their own gang and work in team and as a team has all kind of people with them, the story starts with their names and pet names which will make u smile.

Then the real story starts when the small boy comes in their colony as a child labor with his dog Bedu.. after a initial fight or tussle they become friends and on the day of inaugration of

Now the issue with the movie is

the cause is small on which the level of revolution was created esp the chaddi march though looked good and funny in the movie but it was not really needed in the movie. In all they could have picked up some better cause than this one.

Songs are ok, Acting of almost every kid is good its never raised to the level of over acting like it does in most o the movies to quote i will say ( O my friend ganesha and all of that type and era)

In all i will say that you should at least watch this movie on TV if possible with kids 😉 if  dont have your own then relative or colony kids will also let you know that what is the impact of the movie on them. This is a light and happy movie in all that will leave you light heated and happy So do watch at least when it comes on TV


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