Tere Naal Love Ho Gaya introduces Genelia Deshmukh

Introducing Genelia Deshmukh, in the movie . Enjoy watching a sweet love story with the now Mr & Mrs Deshmukh  J they look good as a pair compliment each other quite well. I will say this movie is revolving around genelia and genelia she is looking good in whatever she wore .

I will not say that dress designer has worked very well but yes he is doing fairly well to make her look great.Well the newly wed don’t show any special on screen chemistry but are doing fair in the movie.

Off late most romantic comedies start with the accidental encounter of a spirited girl and a reticent guy, who subsequently set off on an unexpected journey. SO story is not so unpredictable but when you come after break movie makes u feel better. The mood that Mandeep Kumar has created throughout the film is the highlight. The climax makes you feel for the boy without getting too heavy on the nerves. Undoubtedly, ‘Tere Naal Love Ho Gaya’ is a feel good film and you won’t find many dull moments but you should also not expect anything fresh .I really loved the Patch of Atithi devo bhav in movie . Chowdhary (Om Puri) is a notorious kidnapping kingpin, who makes a living out of demanding ransom. Just when you think Puri is a villain of sorts and some never-ending torture drama will unfold,

But in toto I think that if dialogue writer would have given more then the story would have been more entertaining .

Yes ,The lack of imagination is visible in the kidnapping scene where everything looks very artificial, and very repetitive. but at the same time Chaudhari’s character definitely brings smiles on the spectators’ faces but Naveen Prabhakar, Chitrasi Rawat and Smita Jaykar don’t rise above the ordinary level, and it’s not their fault because the storyteller moves on to other plots after merely touching their back stories.

The alterations might be minor but, in totality, it helps this regular rom-com gain an identity of its own. In all watch in movie hall if you don’t want to have light family time (yes it’s a movie you can watch with family with almost negligible scenes needed to be censored) But watching on TV will also leave you feel light.

Iam not impressed by songs at all though can give some score to cinematographer for their shoot.

Cast: Riteish Deshmukh, Genelia D’Souza, Om Puri, Tinnu Anand

Director: Mandeep Kumar

Yaa this movie her name is not as Genelia D’Souza but Genelia Deshmukh so what she is still GD 😀


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