Sam and Dean Winchester Do Supernaturals Season 8 in India

After sucessfully running seven seasons of Tele series Supernaturals whats there in season 8 of supernaturals …yellow eyed deamon ,lucifer and michel , Apocalypse, Pergurgatory  what New God what could be the next move to keep season going on and on. Well while watching supernaturals have this thought ever occurred to you what if this all happens in India. Ya in our very own India will the road a line of roses with public support or the bumpy with bumpy roads and encounters with traffic and population you can imagine some interesting plots coming up if they chose India

  • They have to face the bumpy roads and for sure they have to spend half their time in garrage or will be buying a new SUV  so for sure their beloved impala will be gone as soon as they get the taste of indian roads. And guess what if they are stuck in traffic jams they will have to catch auto 😉 or the local train … Man it is going to be real tough job  
    Will they have to say good bye to their beloved impala in supernatural  Make: Chevrolet
    Model: Impala,Year: 1967
    Engine: V8 327 4 Barrell
    Horsepower: 275bhp
    Transmission: 3-spd Auto
    Body: Sedan
    License Plate: (C-45P4 1973, BQN 9R3 1997, KAZ 2Y5 2005, RMD 5H2 2006, CNK 80Q3 2007-Present)
  • People support will be loads to them infact in every house and relegion people will come up with their own theory enough to confuse them 😉
  • People will be more touchy and for sure Dean is never going to eat in hotels in fact their tiffen box will be packed 😀
  • Job will be lot easier in fake id’s and all No stress of even getting caught Indian Police is busy dealing with lot other things
  • They have to face lot many babaji spread around , tantriks and why to forget we have lots of fairs in india for all this stuff so occasions needless to say they will be overwhelmed by Indian knowledge on the subject
  • Holy water will be replaced by Gangajal and that comes now even in packets
  • They will be dam confused in church mandir gurudwara masjid etc
  • Rather then some spanish mantras they will have hanuman chalisa in hands OMG the thought itself has thrilled me up 😀
  • But their main angel God helper role will be done by Hanuman Ji and man their are many
  • The random support system from god will be Narad Ji who has his expertise in news transmission and gossiping
  • They will be dam confused in saggrigating the real issues from the medical ones
  • They might induge themselves in some tantrik sadhna at some samshan graveyards i mean they will not always be able to find them all alone aloof
  • For sure they will get loads of descriptions and tele serials on TV and who knows some of peopel will might even tell them that Shani ki sade sati chal rahi hai (Kaal sarpa dosha etc etc)
  • Yes here their series will seriously be banned in case u made fun of God and shown them drinking and smoking at least you have to show Gods once in their Golden ornaments
  • Even if they pick gods one by one we have cores of Gods with their domain specifications Finance : Kuber, Creator : Brahma
  • oo yaa it might happen that every “son of bitch ” will be replaced by “son of  ***********” i mean sensor board can cut it .
  • Ok now lets talk about girls in their life 😉 thinking can you go to the story line of Satyawan and Savitri

With all this i can say they can have an entire season shot in indians or in honour of indians (not only keeping gods like Ganesha and Kali ) I strongly feel the management of Indian Gods at indraloka is far more intresting and exiting plot for them to play. Hmm at least after writing this much i think they could at least dedicate few episodes to this.Because i can see lots of spice in it 🙂 and trust me TRP internationally will just shoooooooooooot upppp 😀 Worth giving a shot  Eric Kripke

Or in case by any chance this article is caught by some indian writer you know what to do .. Simple boss just make a remake of it. Well you can put your indian twists in it and no one will be ever saying u did some copying.

To know more about the tele series go to

Any ways keep reading keep watching 🙂 Sooner or later they have to come to India to keep the show running 😉 here all this stuff flows naturally 😀



  1. O my god this is hilarious are they really planning to make season 8 in india ? i can imagine the two boys working with Indian ghosts competing with ahat .Nice innovative thought .i will look forward for more spoofy articles like this

  2. In India, if a ghost shows up, how will they burn the bones?? We already cremate the dead….so Sam and Dean would be stumped as to how to deal with a ghost that has already been smoked!!!

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