Sabki Pasand ??(Every ones Choice) Really ??

Any Gusses
Any Gusses

Ok Now let me  start again Whats Common between all the celebraties stated above Think Think what they all are doinng on my Blog altogether Hema.. Rekha..Jaya aur Sushma. Sabki pasand Nirma….. Washing Powder Nirma.. Nirma!!!!!
Ok i know its a PJ but have you thought how long that dancing girl has braught them in the life and when Soaps like OK ,Check etc are completely out of market NIRMA is still fighting hard to stand alone in the market. And through out they had the policy of acknowledging the women when you see 3 women “todays women ” who dont care of dirt and Dhan te dhan

Women of today choses nirma dosent it reminds of Daag Achhe hai Surf excel Boss thats lack of creativity here in the add but yes on screen it gives  a feel good 😉 but we expect better than this from Nirma.


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  1. Just came randomly to the post you made me see the similarity between the two adds of surf excel and this one .. nice catch

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