Kahani Has a Kahani (Story) in it

People who got inside the theater came out spell bound by the surprise the movie gave to them. The movie trailers showed it was kinda serious cry baby movie.But it turns out to be a suspense.

Very few sensible movies with original concepts and new stories are made in Bollywood. Where people can potrey the act with grace and the scope to show the real acting is there This is  the time of Vidhya Balan she told all that she can not only act but act well . She is the new female superstar who can run movies on her shoulder with tight and well written script.

The direction is so tight that you can’t just take your eye off. The minute Vidya arrives she takes you on this search with her. Just like Vidya you also find yourself searching for answers in the city of K

olkata.The narration and camera work makes you take the pain she has taken. Sujoy Ghosh does a marv

ellous job he did complete justice by using kokata as a city of action in the movie. The story is awesome, screenplay is superb and some good dialogues make a powerful script. There are few minor hiccups. Suddenly, so many things start happening in the second half. The complexity increases confusion creeps up but the director finds his way back soon.Yet some times the movie seems unrealistic as u rarely get unintentional support or access to things like the character got here.

Ekla chalo re  with impactful voice gives all meanings to Shree Rabindranaath Tagore

Yes guys this movie Kahani has information too that the rare blood group “Bombay Blood Group” do exists they were not making this up.

rare genotype (blood group), which was neither ‘A’ nor ‘B’ nor ‘AB’ nor ‘O’.  Since the first case was detected in Mumbai (then Bombay), the blood group came to be called as Bombay Blood Group.  Blood from a Bombay Blood Group individual only should be transfused to a Bombay Blood Group patient.

It is now known that the precursor protein from which all blood groups are formed is termed as the ‘H’ Antigen.  The ‘H’ Antigen either translates into ‘A’ Antigen (the blood group is then called ‘A’) or it translates into ‘B’ Antigen (the blood group is then called ‘B’) or it translates into both ‘A’ and ‘B’ Antigens (the blood group is then called ‘AB’) or it remains as ‘H’ (the blood group is called ‘O’).  Earlier the detection of ‘O’ was on the basis of absence of both ‘A’ and ‘B’. In the case of Bombay Blood Group, there was an absence of the ‘H’ Antigen itself.  Therefore ‘A’, ‘B’, ‘AB’ and ‘O’ which are all different manifestations of ‘H’ are all alien for persons with Bombay Blood Group.  The Bombay Blood Group is termed as ‘OH’, which means absence of ‘H’.

Kahaani is super rich in content. One of those rare occasions when Bollywood  can raise its head high. Don’t miss this one. Where ever possible watch it.


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