Now MUMMY will never return back


Its me Kyra , you must be thinking why I need to tell you this now because its summers and till last summer’s you will be only recognizing me with the color and patterns of scarf’s or goggles I wear , Yep when I go on my two wheeler I look like the head of some doquoites  gang who is all headed to do the loot the bank 😉 at least that’s what my friends say when after going to collage I take 5 minutes to unwind the bandage cloth from my face.

In fact some times while going for the parties I have to get into the mode of MUMY  returns.

Honestly speaking iam a free bird and and no makeup person some times by choice and others by force .Nopes its not my mom who is against this its My skin which is direct import from the gulf countries for oil production and with sunscreens in market I apply I would rather be kidnapped for oil production soon but then I considered applying them rather than being tanned and 4-5 shades darker in the daily marathon of college tuitions friends

Last week itself I was driving and I saw my primary school classmate Monica after almost 7 years (her dad got transferred to Delhi) and I said a big HI to her and she gave me wearied looks of unknown How could she do this to me we used to share same bench and Tiffin together I was so upset on her reaction with bit of anguish and disappointment.  then with help of dad  and mom I finally got number of  Monica and there after i planned to visit her actually I wasn’t able to resist my quest to meet her . I actually wanted to shout on her how could she forget me and the pranks we used to play. Soon I was at her house at Gulmohar  Monica hasn’t changed at all she still owns her pretty eyes and baby soft clean skin wow for a minute after hugging her I almost forgot that I was there to fight with her but then after some of our girly chit chat I was just all geared up to tell aunty what Monica has done with me How she missed to recognize me and my loud Hi .. The moment I said this aunti busted into laughter now it was shocking for me “oo Kayra so it was you who called her, Monica was so scared that don’t know who rowdy wrapped in cloths and hat tried to eve tease her , She was even complaining that guys have lost their mind and what not .. she was still laughing and I couldn’t stop my self from joining her when  I realized its not her its me who was wrapped in mummy bandages to save my skin from tanning and sunburn .

Then Monica told me about the new sunscreen launched by Lakme sun expert which has

  • High-performance sunscreen that gives complete UV protection, no matter how strong the rays are
  • SPF 50 gives 97% skin protection from UVB rays and prevents sun burns
  • PA +++ blocks the harmful UVA rays and helps prevent deep-skin damage
  • Cucumber and lemon grass extracts moisturize the skin and make it glow

Guess what Now I’m back from our trip to Goa and Iam all in same shades.I think SPF 50 is working on me 😉

No More Before and After Pictures for Me

No More Before and After Pictures for Me

SO there are no more before and after pictures , no more fear of being kidnapped by  gulf countries  i can wear the natural glow daily and I know there are no more mummy returns for me I can be me yes I can be me. no matter which season it is no matter I have to go in noon or evening .

Can thanks be enough for this freedom .

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Teri Meri Kaahani Guesses why it was made

I think that the writer director of the movie were trying to speak about soul mates and they meet in every era 1960, 2012, 1916 But why this order was chosen to confuse people who knows. This movie also tells that shahid will always have 1 ½ soul mates he is the dude with options and obvious dilemmas to choose between two girls.

In short movie is like you are watching same love story in 3 channels and toggling the channels in between believe it or not with same lead characters But why are you watching it NO one can solve that mystery. SO in all the 3 stories is merely the repeat telecast of same twist less obvious story.

Thankfully, there are no past-life revelations and dangerous confrontations. The love stories are so predictable and don’t even make you connect to them. Everything turns out to be pretty fathomable.  Except that these days couples keep connected via FB, messages etc and how it can be misused if a relationship is drowned.

In my terms it is a time kill watch movie HFFF

Teri Meri Kahaani
Direction: Kunal Kohli
Actors: (Priyanka Chopra, Shahid Kapoor) * 3

But I have some wild guesses why this movie “teri meri kahani” was made

  1. Director Kohli was compensating his contract with dress designer & hair stylist whom he has not given his previous 2 movies.
  2. He had severe fight with the writer of movie who bluffed him by showing one story as 3 by changing characters name and location. OOO but surprise Kunal Kohli him self is co writer Now for sure writer ran away in between
  3. Director thought of 3 stories and even eni mini mina mo was not able to give him his answer so he made 3 in one
  4. Director is highly obsessed with selling scheme of 1 pe 2 free
  5. He wanted to caste the lead pair for 3 movies because of their so called love chemistry but cost cutting made him turn all of them into one.
  6. Editor of the movie asked more money and by then kohli was bankrupted by lead.
  7. Movie has a copy paste mistake.

What Kunal Kohli  could have done from saving it from disaster

  • He could have concentrated on one story wholeheartedly and made it .
  • It  could still have remained inspired by the tiwaneese movie “Three times “ 2005 but could so progression in stories in different eras
  • Or at least twists in stories could have been better and unique
  • He could have picked the forms of love for each of the stories.