Travelogue of An Idiot Abroad : Karl Pilkington

This is one of the most amazing travel shows I have seen even some of the boring places seem worth traveling  there with Karl.SO for me this series which taught me the meaning of ROFL ,LMAO etc etc literally. Its Hilarious. Iam one of those person who got bored with the regular Umm Yummy,that’s lovely, Amazing type of standard statements on travel shows.

Despite the stated focus of visiting the locations , most of each episode focuses on Karl Pilkington’s reactions to cultural differences and idiosyncrasies in the countries he visits. To make things more interesting, show guys unexpectedly call Pilkington during each trip, to assign him tasks often not related to why he believed he was visiting the country in the first place.

This mostly includes association with some local special person and I believe he has no prior warnings of these
cases at least the way he reacts shows so. SO to me its more of a real documentary rather than a planned one as most of other shows on television and his comments are real flavor of the series .No wonder they planned a part II of it.This is the show where there is no substitute of laughing loud.This series gives you glimpses of being with friends who constantly leg-pull you even on phone

Now if you are thinking about the lead of show Karl Pilkington Is he really that dense? Is he a brilliant
comedian? Is he a misunderstood visionary? Parts of all three, no doubt. But he never, ever disappoints. He is so original real this is for me in a true sense reality show An Idiot Abroad is ridiculously funny and even when it’s clear that Gervais and Merchant – pulling the strings back home in England and communicating with Pilkington via cell phone – are having a cruel laugh, it’s nearly impossible not to fall apart laughing at poor Pilkington’s fate. He often mentions things about his girlfriend well to be honest its not only what he says but how he says it makes it more worthy to watch.

OK let me share some part of it  The duo send him to a fortune teller in China who, through an interpreter, tells Pilkington that he’s got a heart problem and needs to take care of himself. “Is it going to kill me?” Pilkington asks. Through an interpreter, the answer is: “Ninety percent.” Pilkington: “Brilliant.”

The show is a travelogue +  social experiment + practical joke on Poor host who is designated Idiot on the show and the show is named after him. In short I love the concept and show

Ok now some things directly in Karl’s way from (Courtesy : sundaymercury blog )

On Travel :”I don’t understand that saying ‘travel broadens the mind’ – The mind cannot be broadened after the head has stopped growing. My mind was full before I did all these trips. All that has happened is that some of my older memories have been replaced with some new ones, which is annoying as the old ones were better memories than the new ones I’ve put in there. Well, I think they were.”

I think is this enough to encourage you to take a glimpse of it.

Series  Start date                                End date                      Episodes

1          23 September 2010                11November 2010      8

2          23 September 2011                11 November 2011     8

3          December 2012                      December 2012          3

To know whats there in each of the episode :

Directed by     Richard Yee, Krishnendu Majumdar, Jamie Jay Johnson, Benjamin Green, Luke Campbell

Starring           Karl Pilkington,Warwick Davis (Christmas Special),Ricky Gervais, Stephen Merchant

And its out on DVD’s too . Karl has written a book on season 1 as well iam yet to read it though

It comes on TLC Wednesday 9.30 pm or s



  1. I loved this show. In future I would like your views on some famous and loving Star Plus serials like ‘Iss Pyaar ko kya Naam do’, ‘Pyaar Ka Dard Hai Meetha Meetha Pyaara Pyaara’ – I really want your take on above sitcoms 🙂

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