Race 2

This the comic revenge (badla) story of Saifu after all not every one dares to make a sequel with  same set of all hero and Race-2 Saif-Ali-Khan Car Buddhuboxheroines so Bips had to Go .so all what is left are few gorgeous looking ladies with Tanishque jewelers and power puff John abraham

A lil has left to do for Anil Kapoor but that still brings some fruity double meaning jokes and Amisha Patel has almost lost her existence in the movie.

race-2 Car Buddhubox 1Loads of tempting cars and lovely cinematography with some admiring locations of Istanbul story is still not much convincing almost seems as picked up from some super commander dhruv etc . They talk about millions of cash as if discussing some chocolates to be distributed among children. Everyone knows what the other one is planning so I guess they want to tell you people are already predictable

In entire movie I kept waiting for some dazzling dialogues which will make me clap but need less to tell I was disappointed .

Ok some of the twists in movie make you feel ahh that’s the one while rest are kind of predictable so maybe I was there with higher expectations and the climax was fully FUSSSS

If I compare I miss the Quality of songs in Race 1 some jaw dropping twists But still you can watch this movie if you believe that a good company can make any movie work . In short it’s a no brainer movie with the only one man performing in movie “Saif Ali Khan” rest no one has got space to act and show their traits.

On the second thought what could have made this movie better a lil bit of more bonding mystery between the bro and sis duo.

Lil bit of more than money driven people with some tangential purpose and twists

Or may be a little bit of unpredictability would have done some wonder.Image


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