Will sharukh be able to do Makeover for FROOTI

In the line of fruit flavored drink that too from the land where Mango the king of fruits is there who else can represent rather than king khan

I have since long appreciated that Frooti from the family of fruit flavored drinks  was standing alone without facing the need to be backed up on the shoulders of some actor or actress but after all this is a tough game and I see frooti showcasing Sharukh  Khan in add which was an intelligent choice but the add rather disappoints me .:(

Frooti SRK

What I like about the concept They have tried to show A MALE icon the KING KHAN drinking the drink which invariably tells that Fruit drinks can also cherished by males and there  it is nothing feminine / soft etc about them .  So if fruity decided to take a male lead then Sharukh is the best and most intelligent choice . May so strongly they wanted to portray this thought they showed all Soccer Players.

Which on other hand goes in sync with the path breaking advertisements Sharukh has done in resent past TVC of TATA Tea
(where he says that in all his movies lead actress name will be before him ) or the TVC  LUX ( the beauty bar which was proprietary of all legendry actress of Indian cinema)


Sharukh Khan

Parle Agro
The Frooti campaign was developed at Creativeland Asia, Mumbai, led by creative chairman/creative director and copywriter Sajan RaJ Kurup, executive creative directors Anu Joseph and Vik

ram Gaikwad, creative director Rajat Dawar, creative director/art director Ravi Shanker (TV), art director Deepak Jage (digital), copywriter Riti Hamlai (digital), working with Nadia Chauhan, chief marketing officer at Parle Agro.


Click here to see the full add of Sharukh and Frooti Sharukh Frooti ADD

But then what sharukh is doing in this add is mystry some how iam neither convinced nor impressed with the concept of this TVC which just makes it look tempting and this job is already well done by Kaitreena  for Slice . In the TVC King Khan quenches his thirst in front of the pee-wee soccer team … and hang on a second. I’m not sure if the bottle lasted so long, or if the thirst was so big that the team grew up while watching him, or if it was the sight of ice-cold Mango Frooti that turned the entire team into kidlets. BTW what that song means its catchy though 😛
Acting is Good but then whats so unique about Frooti here ? Cant they come up with some fresh concept.

All I get by this add is that Indian males are the target audience who will follow sharukh like they did for emami fair and handsome


Where as on other hand Slice is following its trend a step ahead with Kaitreena Kaif who was showcasing her seductive side in

earlier series now is becoming playful although in the game she also has got convinced a handsome hunk to love slice and leave his old mango drink even when he is blindfolded .

Kaitreena Kaif
Pepsi Co
Haal kaisa hai janab ka”, sung by Shalmali Kholgade,

MAAZAAnd there is the other contender MAAZA who tells “har mausam aam”  and now Imran Khan is to convince Parineeti chopra and us that Maza can do it in every season be it the mango season or not. As love and mango’s are not season dependent.

Parineeti Chopra & Imran Khan
Coco Cola India
Conceptualized by Leo Burnett (Delhi) and directed by Jayant Rohtagi. In addition to leveraging mass media advertising, integrated communication plan includes roll-out of a range of initiatives including out-of-home (OOH) media, digital, point of sale merchandise and on- the- ground initiatives across all key markets.

So where MAAZA and SLICE have proceeded a step ahead after temptation FROOTI is still a ladder behind on temptation . and I guess that’s what the data says from FEB 2013 that market share of Maaza is 37% , Slice 22% followed by frooti 13%.

Will sharukh be able to do any wonders to Frooti ???


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