Aashiqui 2 Needed a Alcoholic Rehabilitation Center to be Ashiqui

All I could say in one line is that this movie would have done a little justice to its name had they used a rehabilitation center in the movie.What are the story writers of Bollywood doing . Even if they want to be inspired by devdas please learn read and follow literature and character.

Yes you got it right I have some serious issues with the movie’s story and its relevance from the beginning the hero is shown to have drinking problem and which goes on severe with coming days. Where he is ready to leave his GF love of life and finally commits suicide rather than leaving or properly trying to leave drinking habits. Nobody even suggested them for going to proper de addiction centre
aashiqui_cover Buddhubox

Actually at end of it I doubt whether any part of it was even love as they way movie proceeds it makes us feel that the characters are so thankful to each other that they cannot leave the other one.

And what kind of parents he had who were never bothered by what is going on with son’s life he is ok or not. His carrier is at downfall his cash flow etc. . Even the Uncle JI never bothered to inform his parents that their child needs attention.

Meanwhile let me tell you iam ignoring the “so called STARDOME of HERO” are we Indians that big fan of singers ;).

The poor hero lost his life because his depression and addiction was not treated well.

Rehab Center of Ashiqui2Yaa a suggestion to all so called true lovers /Girlfriends please don’t think drinking problem can be cured by singing songs and shaving the hero in some iland .This is an addiction and needs a proper cure  assisted by doctors and proper methods . Muktangana Rehabilitation centre is one of such dedicated NGO’s  http://muktangan.org/


Similarities with other flicks

  • AASHIQUI 2 brings back memories of A STAR IS BORN, which was made thrice in Hollywood — in 1937, 1954 and 1976.
  • AASHIQUI 2 bears no resemblance to its namesake.
  • You don’t miss strains of Hrishikesh Mukherje’s 1973 hit Abhimaan (starring Amitabh Bachchan and Jaya Bhaduri) in the drama that follows. Aarohi’s stardom escalates and so does Rahul’s envy. Ego somewhere comes in the way of their love.

Aashiqui set quite a few trends. It ushered the new-age musical on release in 1990. The soundtrack emerged as a hero, setting a template that let producers make profits casting unknown names as leads. Finally the music, the film’s real winner. A battery of three composers (Mithoon, Jeet Ganguly, Ankit Tiwari) give the film its big reason to cheer for. Also, lend a ear to newbie singer Arijit Singh. Here’s hoping Aashiqui 2 does for Arijit what the first film did for Kumar Sanu all those years ago.But then after watching the movie the songs have lost its charm. But the movie has done its business on bunch of people who want to justify alcoholism or true song lovers .



  1. very well said ,I feel this film doesn’t send the right message to the youth in this new era where rehabilitation is possible. nevertheless composition, music, songs are melodious

  2. Exactly my friend. Before I even watchex the whole film, the alcohol issues were far more central and impotant to the character then anything else.

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