White Collar: Cop Vs Con

white collar buddhu box 4

This one  series is all too Indian concept with chor(thief) police fights and friendship ,Good cop bad cop and all masala intelligence and smartness Sounds familiar .. Yes you are right in india we have seen many movies based on the concept  and since most of them have made their place on box office this series  will also make place at least on your TV or laptop J
white collar buddhu box 1

About the Show

This is a show about a convicted white collar criminal who winds up working for the FBI man who caught him. To stay out of prison, convicted bond forger Neal Caffrey offers to help the FBI capture other white collar criminals using his expertise as an art and securities thief, counterfeiter and racketeer. And with that you can imagine the mischiefs of a thief and the bond developed between the two.

Its well said some times the bond we create in tough times are much stronger than the bonds created in the smoother times. So does their bond. They know each other have faith on each other but still don’t trust each other to share the secrets and on.

Some might find my comparison strange and not so relevant but if you have heard of Indian epics the character of cop shows similarities to character of Ram (Lord Ram). Loves his wife, righteous where as the con man is similar to Krishna(Lord Krishna) in his Adonis form, smart and tactful.  Their contrast is the key to show with the added spice of interesting concepts and cases of forgery.

Some insight on Lead Characters:

white collar buddhu box 3A)     Neal Caffrey: Role Played by : Matt Bomer

B)      Peter Bruke: Role Played by : Tim DeKay

C)      Mozzie:Role Played by : Willey Garson , often called Moz, is Neal’s most trusted confidante. Abandoned as a baby, he grew up in an orphanage in Detroit where he learned to be a con-man early.

Well you might feel few questions all the way in series season after season till you decide to let them go

Why You will Watch White Collar

  • Very clever and has your rooting for both the good guys (FBI) and the bad guy (Neal in this case). The pairing of the FBI couple is just right and of course Matt as the con reminds me so much of Pierce Brosnan in the movie “After the Sunset” in which he played a perfect con man and there grew to be a grudging respect between the con and the FBI guy (Woody).
  • The serial is indeed based on so much of research done on the small moves
  • Again the basic advantage of the show is that each episode has its own story which may or may not have connection with the main theme or concept of the season and that’s a perfect glue.
  • You will really like to watch how the Neal manages to made good and bad at the same time smartly .
  • There are episodes where you can see that they both trust each other for being a perfect backup but still don’t trust each other which is wonderfully portrayed. Kind of Both the guys are dedicated to their basic profession to the core of being a cop and a con
  • And if smartness of handling makes you fall in love then you are  in love with Neil and in case you fall for dedication honesty and ethical ones then you like Peter And by any chance you have a devotion to both then you are glued to the series after series .white collar buddhu box 2

You can actually see onscreen how the bonding between the two characters grow up with the growth of series as I guess the bonding offscreen would also have emerged well

How to Watch it

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