Besharm : should be re titled as CAR CHOR

I will defiantly talk about some indigestible stuff of so called sumptuous movie of Kapoor family. Who may be wanted some on screen family time.What a waste of talented actors; Yes, I’m talking about all except the heroine who seemed to be freshly arriving from the operation theater of plastic surgeon . To make her a combipack of Priyanka chopra and  Amisha patel. With acting sense of fardeen khan 😉 ,brain of rat ;sorry rat I didn’t meant to insult you.

Besharam_ On Buddhubox 3

She is manager but lives in small chawl like house. Single ready to mingle to a classy rich boy and falls for a orphan professional thief who is merely 5th pass.And is afraid of dogs not Don’s. The girl’s mother is from some confused era who at one point faints on vegetable rates on other allows her girl to roam with loafer. Well I just want to communicate to two ladies madam ji “dil to sweeper, driver , gangster sabka achha ho sakta hai so ??” BTW why on first place the fell in love or did they fell in love. this movie has surpassed even ‘shuddh desi romance’

Story of Movie can easily sum up in a line; its simple Car thief steals the car of the girl he likes and must steal it back from a dangerous hawala king to win her over. There is a song for every dam occasion to show Ranbeers dancing skills . O did I not mentioned actresses south Indian steps and otherwise grumpy looks.

Besharam_ On Buddhubox 2Now the Kapoor aka chaotala couple they have good screen presence spoiled by poor script and character definition .But they were the ones who spiced up the so called climax of the movie. With some sunny paa ji  pranks

The Hawala king Jawed jafferi and his team carry a roket launcher , seriously that’s the Idea to carry a rocket launcher in street  openly and people are cool with it. What an sedulous don who does all his menial works on his own.

Somebody please tell the director and producer of the movie that you don’t put the title of the movie on basis of multiple occurrences of the word in the movie. If that would have been the case then every  other movie of Dharam and sunny would be titled “kutte me tera khoon pe jaounga” 😛

In brief this movie is perfect example of how right ingredients can make tasteless dish because of naive cook .

Besharam_ On Buddhubox 1


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