Wolf of Wall Street

bb_the_wolf_of_wall_street-poster-4The wolf of Wall Street where on one hand inspires me to write the movie review on other front has made me more reluctant to invest in stocks and especially on brokers advice.

The movie The Wolf of Wall street is based on the true story of Jordan Belfort, from his American dream to corporate greed of a wealthy stockbroker living the high life to his fall involving crime, corruption and the federal government. Best part of it is that he sets himself up again with the changing market.

Money, drugs, sex and power all.. at the expense of someone else’s loss. Sounds familiar? You must have met at least a few Wolf type people who are the raging lunatics obsessed with greed ,deception, yet they pose heroic or spiritual guru person in front of public. Exactly that’s the character of the fine actor Leonardo Di Caprio .

BB_The Wolf of Wall Street 6--621x414

The material riches acquired by the Wolf Leonardo DiCaprio are dishonestly acquired by scamming the public out of their hard-earned cash through a penny stock “pump and dump” operation. In this way, the Wolf of Wall Street reflects the reality of a society where everybody seems to be trying to scam everybody else out of their money.

The beauty of this movie is that the impact of Wolf’s deeds on his victims is left out and out for the audience to judge and evaluate.

BB_margot-robbieElsewhere Robbie is hypnotic as Belfort’s affair-turned-wife. It’s refreshing to see someone in such a film not playing a weak woman who cow-tows to her husband’s demands, she’s actually one of the strongest characters. For that matter even his first wife’s role was of strong women. And this makes me say had it been a typically Indian movie then the lead character would have returned back to the first wife in end . 😛

To the views there will be there’s a certain enjoyment we get from watching him rise up the ladder before the almighty fall. The entire 2.45 minutes biopic will not let you leave the theatre without any lesson of life. Though all lessons might not be healthy takeaways for you.


BB Leonardo-dicaprio-arrested-on-wolf-of-wall-street

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