Arrival Returns

Spoiler Alert: This movie analysis/review contains some descriptions of the film. So maybe you would like to watch the movie and read it :D.
This film is about the Aliens (Heptapods) who come in the mysterious spacecraft launched across the globe. An elite team of experts leads an investigation of the spacecraft which looks like the slice of an orange. In the case of USA, this person is the linguist Louise Banks  (Amy Adams) alongside with a mathematical physicist ().  The team is expected to solve the mystery and get to the answer to the question ” what is the purpose of their visit?”.The movie tries to build a pressure in an audience as this arrival might lead to a global war for the humankind.
Thinking is the action of language mechanism. The way humans think is linked to the language they speak, read and write. Probably this is the reason scientists or researchers believe that when people become multilingual they develop cognitive advantages that improve their attention, self-control, and ability to deal with conflicting information. In the movie, as Louise absorbs the Heptapods’ language, her thoughts about her future daughter become more and more vivid. Because unlike any other language on earth, Heptapods use the circular (nonlinear)  linguistics and thus have visibility of future as they can absorb time as a nonlinear concept. This raises a philosophical question. If future is predetermined, and every move is fixed then what is the value of my actions? I am trapped in time and stuck with the results of future. I don’t have any free will? Shouldn’t my action have a connection with the future results?
After being on the emotional roller coaster where the director toggles me continuously between present and future, which I was somehow interpreting as the past. I’m still not able to understand that how was team chosen? Apart from her security clearance and scientific expertise why her and not the alternative linguistic doctor that was in Que? Though I have a keen desire to glance at her resume, I will still give her a round of applauds for teaching aliens and learning their language. I’m somehow disappointed in the team because they never tried to figure the questions such as where the aliens come from, what materials make their planet? What is atmosphere there ?etc. Worldwide only linguists are working on the likely threat to humanity.
There were certain scenes in the movie which were given special attention, leaving me to imagine that there could be further explanation for them somewhere in the film. Such as heavy breathing and tremor in the hands of Louise, a ministry’s staff shown with strange expressions and clenching his hands, no subtitles for the Chinese conversations.etc. I will be blaming the editing team for these misses.
By the end of the movie, like any other Sky Fi movie, I wonder why they chose the tree-like creatures as aliens? What I found interesting the set of events is that China is taking the lead in the actions and Russia is blindly following which seems bizarre to me but it’s fiction so that I can accept it.
Having said all that Arrival gives the audience an emotional ride raising the questions of what it means to be human? How does communication happen? The movie somewhere gives the impact of the light at the end of the tunnel. The message of hope and unity. Probably this is the best time to have that message around us.
Literary Linkage:  “Story of Your Life,” written by Ted Chiang
Disclaimer: Gofobo sponsored the movie screening. I take full responsibilities for the views expressed in the film as my own.

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