Movie Pass

If you are like me who loves the stories, then you are getting access to tons of stories without being the judgmental on it. I came across a freedom pass for movies. Folks its freedom, not free :D.

What I am talking about is a service where you will be receiving a debit card to pay for your movie tickets. You are eligible for one (2D) movie a day on your pass with only $10 per month. It’s a pretty good bargain. If you are already convinced looking at price, then you can buy it at Buy Movie Pass
But if you are like me then here are the quick pros and cons checklist for this according to me.

  • You are gaining the freedom to walkout of a movie, to sleep in a cinema and revisit the film again and again (till it lasts in theaters associated ) and you don’t have to worry about it.
  • It is available every day of the year.
  • If you are like me who worries about the return on investment and times and things to think about the probably again this is the better deal for you and me.
  • E-Tickets: Cant wait till you get your pass here is the one option, but I tried in New York it didn’t work so let me know if it worked for you? E tickets
  • It is activated when you activate it and your month will start with your first movie month.


  •  You have to be in the close vicinity of the cinema to check in.
  • NO 3Dmovies.
  • Almost no online bookings.
  • Few or no premiere theaters in the group. But before you decide to buy you can see the available cinemas in your area at their site worth checking.
  • Currently, it is for solo ticket buyers. i.e., one card per person. So for a family, you may or may not like this deal depending on your frequency of movie visits.
    There will be moments when you will say this app can do better.

movie pass

Well, to be honest, most of these points though inconvenient but makes sense to avoid the misuse of the pass and services provided.
I am not associated with movie pass or any other team for the promotional stuff. I think it’s a worthy product which deserves a chance. And if you end up buying it after this review or have your own experiences with the pass, then please leave a comment on the post.
So friends expect more movie reviews in 2018 as its going to start with a bang. Because movies became just more affordable for me.

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