Google India Add Heartwarming Jajariya :) Reunion

Google India 2013 India Pakistan

No matter which age group you belong to you will feel nostalgic. Heartwarming emotional add for Google India .

This add is about two friends who never met after India Pak partition and how their progeny works out their meeting years ahead with Google . and full 10 on 10 for the background score every word counts .

Ohh ya do google for jajariya ,fennel 😛 the link holds multiple adds if you want to go for it

Google India 2013 jajariya

Simply superb one add and touched two countries.As if life can not exist without Google. Simple yet special.


Abused Godess Lets Save our Sisters from Domestic Abuse

Abused Godess at Buddhu Box 4

Domestic Violence India NFHS3
We are one among those few nations who call their country as Mother India “Bharat Maa” still the ratios of domestic violence are threatning  .Domestic violence in India is endemic and widespread predominantly against women. Around 70% of women in India are victims of domestic violence.Tomorrow it seems no one will be speared.

A hard-hitting campaign depicting Hindu goddesses as victims of domestic violence has been launched by a charity in India.The posters feature the goddesses Saraswati, Durga and Lakshmi, who can be seen with physical injuries on their faces.The Save Our Sisters campaign turns the traditional imagery of the goddesses on their head, and is all the more shocking because they are such iconic images in India and Hinduism in general.

Abused Godess at Buddhu Box 5National Crime Records Bureau reveal that a crime against a woman is committed every three minutes, a woman is raped every 29 minutes, a dowry death occurs every 77 minutes, and one case of cruelty committed by either the husband or relative of the victim occurs every nine minutes.This all occurs despite the fact that women in India are legally protected from domestic abuse under the Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act.s like no woman shall be spared. Not even the ones we pray too,” the ads issued for Save Our Sisters initiative by Save the Children India NGO urge us to act before it is too late and also include a helpline number. To Know about Laws against domestic violence and abuse

Abused Godess at Buddhu Box 6 In a country on  an average 37% of women openly admitted the assault and abuse cases , I wonder how many will be there who haven’t said any thing to save their family pride. A country where out of Billion of God and Goddess  half of them are Goddess and if we are not sparing the little girls for violence then how far these goddess are safe .

Abused Godess at Buddhu Box 2

Ad agency Taproot physically recreated scenes from old hand-painted images of Indian goddesses.The campaign was created by blending traditional hand-painted Indian art with modern-day photography using real models by Mumbai’s Taproot India advertising agency has won multiple awards at different ad festivals. Makeup was used to add bruises and wounds to the models before photographing them. This is a recreation of the goddess Saraswati.

Abused Godess at Buddhu Box 3

The campaign simply and effectively captures India’s most dangerous contradiction: that of revering women in religion and mythology, while the nation remains incredibly unsafe for its women citizens.100 million Indians, largely women and girls, are said to be involved in trafficking.
Last year alone, 244,270 crimes against women were reported in the country.

Each ad includes a phone number to report abuse to “Save Our Sisters.”

Spousal Violence State wise in India NFHS3

I only have one concern with this other wise great campaign for great cause The figures captured are Hindu Feminine forces /Goddess however we being a country with multiple religions other regions are ignored which might give a wrong impression that this message is only targeted to Hindu population .However NFHS 3 Data shows that how well spread the issue is nation wide among all religions and cultures.

Irrespective of my disagreements i give my full support to the cause and credits to artists for such neat work.Their work is simply superb.

If you too support the cause please share the post among your friends to promote the campaign

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Ramesh Suresh Cadbury 5 Star and DAD


Long awaited  sequal of Ramesh and Suresh has arrived this month. Finally we have some visuals are there on what happens when Ramesh and Suresh go with Dad’s Pant (pitaji ki patloon) which was earlier left on our imaginations.:P

“Ramesh-Suresh Pitaji ki patloon ek bilant choti ho gayi ho to ghar a jao voh aise hi ghum rahe hain”~ From Facebook

The advertising giant O&M has made the most well known names of Indian house hold from north to south RAMESH & SURESH alive in Indian household. The duo of Ramesh and Suresh took birth in year 2011 for Cadbury for its chocolate brand 5 Star. When chocolate advertisements were lead by the leading stars like Amitabh Bachhan “kuch meetha ho jaye” or Preeti Zinta for Perk and so on.


This concept of getting the trousers shorter by “1 bilant” was often told as a management story. Where every member of the family gets the trouser 1 inch shorter, because they did not communicated among themselves which resulted in much smaller trouser. Similarly the TVC also showed that the duo of Ramesh & Suresh lost in the magic of Cadbury 5 star instruct tailor to alter the trouser every time they get back to their senses. The tailor, being busy with conversations on phone ignores that he is blindly following instructions. So the communication is the key was the message of the story and you will get lost in the magic of 5 Star of the TVC. “Pitaji ki patloon bani shorts Kyunki Ramesh-Suresh ho gaye lost”

All the advertisements of this series are unique in its own way, as that they make you enjoy the monotony, tempered with repetitions where the two nerds infuse life in the ad with their shortcomings. What makes these commercials stand out is the unparalleled chemistry between Ramesh and Suresh, their stammering and their taken by surprise behavior when they meet each other and again are lost in the taste of 5 star repeatedly. This chemistry has been beautifully conceived and crafted with all eccentricity that could alone have marred this advertisement but for the duo. No wonder, today Ramesh and Suresh have become a household name ,with a huge following on social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook.  5 star seems to have added two more stars in its fold.

ImageNow in year 2013 Ramesh and Suresh return back home. The new film opens with the brothers shown walking into the house, holding their father’s trousers they went to get altered (Back in 2011 😉 ). The father acknowledges their presence in the midst of his prayers. He also notices that the trousers have been shortened so much that they have become a pair of shorts. His trousers pockets are jumping out of the shorts length. He looks at them and then pictures himself in the ‘trousers’. He is enraged and punches them in the face. Thanks to which, Ramesh and Suresh end up in hospital, heavily bandaged. When a nurse instructs them to be on a liquid diet, the duo wonders how they will eat 5 Star now. A voice over asks them not to worry, informing them that the 5 Star is now softer.

If I try to wear Edward De bono’s Black hat, I find that nurse is talking about liquid diet not softer diets and 5 Star is definitely not liquid diet. Barring this mini conceptual glitch I appreciate the sequel though it is not as conceptually strong as the preceding one. But definitely the they have raised the expectations as now Iam looking forward to more sequels of Ramesh and Suresh 🙂

Client: Cadbury India (Mondelez)
Creative agency: Ogilvy & Mather
NCD: Abhijit Avasthi
Media agency: Madison Media

Will sharukh be able to do Makeover for FROOTI

In the line of fruit flavored drink that too from the land where Mango the king of fruits is there who else can represent rather than king khan

I have since long appreciated that Frooti from the family of fruit flavored drinks  was standing alone without facing the need to be backed up on the shoulders of some actor or actress but after all this is a tough game and I see frooti showcasing Sharukh  Khan in add which was an intelligent choice but the add rather disappoints me .:(

Frooti SRK

What I like about the concept They have tried to show A MALE icon the KING KHAN drinking the drink which invariably tells that Fruit drinks can also cherished by males and there  it is nothing feminine / soft etc about them .  So if fruity decided to take a male lead then Sharukh is the best and most intelligent choice . May so strongly they wanted to portray this thought they showed all Soccer Players.

Which on other hand goes in sync with the path breaking advertisements Sharukh has done in resent past TVC of TATA Tea
(where he says that in all his movies lead actress name will be before him ) or the TVC  LUX ( the beauty bar which was proprietary of all legendry actress of Indian cinema)


Sharukh Khan

Parle Agro
The Frooti campaign was developed at Creativeland Asia, Mumbai, led by creative chairman/creative director and copywriter Sajan RaJ Kurup, executive creative directors Anu Joseph and Vik

ram Gaikwad, creative director Rajat Dawar, creative director/art director Ravi Shanker (TV), art director Deepak Jage (digital), copywriter Riti Hamlai (digital), working with Nadia Chauhan, chief marketing officer at Parle Agro.


Click here to see the full add of Sharukh and Frooti Sharukh Frooti ADD

But then what sharukh is doing in this add is mystry some how iam neither convinced nor impressed with the concept of this TVC which just makes it look tempting and this job is already well done by Kaitreena  for Slice . In the TVC King Khan quenches his thirst in front of the pee-wee soccer team … and hang on a second. I’m not sure if the bottle lasted so long, or if the thirst was so big that the team grew up while watching him, or if it was the sight of ice-cold Mango Frooti that turned the entire team into kidlets. BTW what that song means its catchy though 😛
Acting is Good but then whats so unique about Frooti here ? Cant they come up with some fresh concept.

All I get by this add is that Indian males are the target audience who will follow sharukh like they did for emami fair and handsome


Where as on other hand Slice is following its trend a step ahead with Kaitreena Kaif who was showcasing her seductive side in

earlier series now is becoming playful although in the game she also has got convinced a handsome hunk to love slice and leave his old mango drink even when he is blindfolded .

Kaitreena Kaif
Pepsi Co
Haal kaisa hai janab ka”, sung by Shalmali Kholgade,

MAAZAAnd there is the other contender MAAZA who tells “har mausam aam”  and now Imran Khan is to convince Parineeti chopra and us that Maza can do it in every season be it the mango season or not. As love and mango’s are not season dependent.

Parineeti Chopra & Imran Khan
Coco Cola India
Conceptualized by Leo Burnett (Delhi) and directed by Jayant Rohtagi. In addition to leveraging mass media advertising, integrated communication plan includes roll-out of a range of initiatives including out-of-home (OOH) media, digital, point of sale merchandise and on- the- ground initiatives across all key markets.

So where MAAZA and SLICE have proceeded a step ahead after temptation FROOTI is still a ladder behind on temptation . and I guess that’s what the data says from FEB 2013 that market share of Maaza is 37% , Slice 22% followed by frooti 13%.

Will sharukh be able to do any wonders to Frooti ???

Sabki Pasand ??(Every ones Choice) Really ??

Any Gusses

Any Gusses

Ok Now let me  start again Whats Common between all the celebraties stated above Think Think what they all are doinng on my Blog altogether Hema.. Rekha..Jaya aur Sushma. Sabki pasand Nirma….. Washing Powder Nirma.. Nirma!!!!!
Ok i know its a PJ but have you thought how long that dancing girl has braught them in the life and when Soaps like OK ,Check etc are completely out of market NIRMA is still fighting hard to stand alone in the market. And through out they had the policy of acknowledging the women when you see 3 women “todays women ” who dont care of dirt and Dhan te dhan

Women of today choses nirma dosent it reminds of Daag Achhe hai Surf excel Boss thats lack of creativity here in the add but yes on screen it gives  a feel good 😉 but we expect better than this from Nirma.

Tata Docomo :a Tribute to Bhopal

This Add took me into flashback : almost 5 years back when I reached South india in Chennai. Being a north Indian you are quickly identified and people ask you about your native

People:  you are from which city ?

Me: Bhopal

People: Bombay / Mumbai … or mubaiyaaa some times Delhi used to be another closest guess

Me: Noooooooooo its Bhopal

People: Some people felt awkward that they are still unable to understand if the place is in India or … Then they say ohh is it in UP ? And then again I used to say No its Bhopal capital of MP. Then only some generous people used to say No we are not so well versed with the cities in North

Else I used to wonder is Pronouncing Bhopal So tough!!! Or some times leave it how does it matters if they think iam from Delhi or Mumbai or even some TIMBAK TU how does it matters.

And there comes the new add of Tata Docomo Dedicated to all Bhopal’s where they Said Bhopal almost 4-5 times in 30 seconds of add  I guess that’s enough to get registered in public’s mind and in particular all tear 2 cities people  like me who sometimes fight  for the identification of the our beloved cities like lucknow Kanpur indore Jabalpur etc etc ( I would not say that every case was same some were smart too or Google Smarts but its ok now)

Ok  for those who are wondering what this Jalebi script is ? or what is written They have taken a city named : gudur .

So the target Audience is Clear : People who find themselves in strange cities ( like jobs or official trips or short term postings , Travelling etc  as well as locals of  In particularly AP/TN/Kerala/Karnataka .Network is their strength in TN but not in AP so they are looking for that.And rest who can connect themselves to it

Concept: Again I will say they have chosen such a common anxiety among public when they travel alone to a different city and especially when they are not so much of frequent traveller. Almost every one of us who has ever travelled alone must have faced the biggest fear of travelling that we will miss the designated stop and that’s exactly what happens with the person when his worst fear comes true. So Projecting even when most unexpected happens to you Docomo NW is with them 🙂

Well Add quality and formulation is ok so will not say that it’s a wow add or unique concept or amazing presentation but it just conveys the message

I understand that writer has understood MP culture so completely that the guy asks the simal aged lady as “auntiji Bhopal kab ayega” 😉 OMG thats too bhopali

Some where my heart Says Thank you for bringing Bhopal in Add so prominently 😉