Dhoom 3 Fans Please don’t read it

d3 5Movie is a box office hit and by far the most emotional one of the Dhoom series. Amir khan proves to be a gravitational puller for the audiences in the movie theater. No doubts he has worked harder on the looks and most importantly dances. I have never seen him dancing this much in the movies but was dance so crucial element for the movie? They should have rather worked on script.

Madam katreena, I first time came to know that someone is really passionate about the carrier options of working in circus. Fine I give you credit for all the acrobatics you have done.

d3 3

Though there are few moments which leave you stumped in movie of the negligence they took while making movie. How in one scene the super cop is hurt badly under his ruptured super bike and next he is on roads doing broom wroom . Will someone tell how Amir Khan has actually stolen money? All what we can see that he knows driving bike vertically on walls and capable of $ rains. Any ideas on how the two boys grew up without any support? Why they got any need to join two bikes?

d3 4Not only has the character of Jai Dixit made entry in movie doing stunts with auto rickshaw along with his management quota candidate Mr. Udai Chopra. He tries to act funny when not at all looks so.The so called action super cop Jai Dixit  is neither able to catch any of the thief nor return the money/valuables  back  to the government and still he is super cop. Almost in every sequel he is on verge of being fired by the department. Wait! But my first question should be why in the first place Chicago police called you, dearth of translators or what.

Though the movie tries to create a feel of Fast and the furious but fails to reach nowhere near it. All the films borrow (to be generous) liberally from other movies, and “Dhoom: 3” picks some nifty sources, with everything from “The Blues Brothers” cop-car pile-ups to Christopher Nolan’s “The Prestige” showing up for a salute, though the three main motorcycle set pieces are mounted with sufficient skill as to render them beyond complaints of stealing.

So I believe my message is clear Iam not at all impressed with movie.


Maslow’s Motivation Mantra of Milkha Sing the flying sikh of India (Bhaag Milkha Bhag)

Winners Don’t Do Different Things They Do Things Differently:

Bhaagmilkhabhaag_Maslows Hirarchy 4

The question is always the same after all what motivated the winner to sustain the extreme pressure for and do things differently. What motivated the person to keep going towards acme of success? What motivates his behaviour?

Bhaagmilkhabhaag_Maslows Hirarchy 10According to humanist psychologist Abraham Maslow, our actions are motivated in order achieve certain needs. Abraham Maslow studied what he called exemplary people such as Albert Einstein, Jane Addams, Eleanor Roosevelt, and Frederick Douglass who till date known as the real achievers of their times in addition to Maslow studied the healthiest 1% of the college student population and came up with a paper in year 1943 and Gave his theory of Motivation as Maslows’s hierarchy of needs . After him there came lot many motivational theories on and clinical psychology and psychiatry  but till date your knowledge of Human Motivational theory is incomplete without Maslows .

Maslows finding wouldn’t have been deviated a bit for the exemplary sports man Milkha Singh . The recent biopic on him portrays him as a true winner who kept winning, kept himself motivated may be for different reasons at different stages of his life and gradually moved towards the top of pyramid Self actualization.

Bhaagmilkhabhaag_Maslows Hirarchy 11

Like any other biopic “Bhaag Milkha Bhag” also comprises of stories of guts, disappointment and glory but much more than it for a layman to learn about . The picture though portrays the story of success and glory with emotional turmoil of the  nation’s pre-eminent athlete from 1947 to 1960 and his growth cycle .Lets observe closely how Bhaag Milkha Bhag is registering it self for the motivation epic for management gurus. According to Maslow’s there are five levels of Hierarchy of Needs

  1. 1.    Physiological Needs

Bhaagmilkhabhaag_Maslows Hirarchy 8

Milkha singh won his first race in the camp in his craving for Milk his basic need for special diet . His first motivation was reflected by the twinkle in his eyes on announcement of the rewards of winning the race. which suffices the very base of the pyramid physiological needs

These include the most basic and instinctive needs that are vital to survival, such as the need for water, air, food, and sleep. It puts all the needs become secondary until these physiological needs are met.

  1. 2.    Security Needs

Bhaagmilkhabhaag_Maslows Hirarchy 5The real dash of the doyen Milkha begun when he had to run to save his life as per the instructions of his father to save himself in the riots of 1947 and though scary like hell but still it was a motivation where he had no other option except to win to stay alive for the sense of Security which according to Maslow’s is another step of motivation. Though for Milkha this sense of security soon moved to other aspects like steady employment when his love interest questions his carefree life style.

  1. 3.    Social Needs

Bhaagmilkhabhaag_Maslows Hirarchy 7As a contender for race Milkha instantly feels longing for respect and acceptance among the fellow members when he says,”I want to wear the coat , as the coat begets the respect from all”. The desire to be called Champion Milkha singh and wear the Coat of India and further to prove himself as an eligible contender and earn the badge pumps him to run in race even after the severe injuries which were result of the dirty internal rivalry of other sports man. He thus proves that a strong motivation and desire to win needs no boundaries

According to Maslow’s once the previous two needs get fulfilled a person is motivated by his Social Needs which includes include needs for belonging, love, and affection. Relationships such as friendships, romantic attachments, and families help fulfil this need for companionship and acceptance, as does involvement in social, community, or religious groups.

  1. 4 Esteem Needs

After the first three needs have been satisfied, esteem needs becomes increasingly important. These include the need for things that reflect on self-esteem, personal worth, social recognition, and accomplishment.

Bhaagmilkhabhaag_Maslows Hirarchy 1

Once Milkha  looses the race at Melbourne summer Olympics  which gives him a personal dent .rather than moving into the spiral of depression he sets himself a target to break the record and retrieve the self esteem and accomplishment in his coming race which he successfully did in 1960 summer Olympics at Rome where Singh’s fourth-place time of 45.73 became the Indian national record and held for almost 40 years. This was followed by many more wins including multiple Gold Medals in Asian games and Common wreath games. This almost justifies Maslow’s last but Motivational cause the Esteem Needs which reflect on self-esteem, personal worth, social recognition, and accomplishment.

  1. 5.    Self-actualizing Needs

This is the highest level of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Self-actualizing people are self-aware, concerned with personal growth, less concerned with the opinions of others, and interested fulfilling their potential.

Bhaagmilkhabhaag_Maslows Hirarchy 18Though Milkha had loads of political pressure but he initially denied to participate in the Peace games organised in Pakistan but later went there. He went back to his mother land and overcame his internal pain and fear . Shreds the burden and enlightens himself for the moment and he fights that race for no one else then himself. Thats why its said he didn’t ran he flew that day and earned  a title of Flying Sikh for himself. And that states the ultimate motivation of a person can have Self Actualization.This is the highest level of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. This motivated state of a person makes himself aware, indifferent with others opinion and focused on fulfilling their potential. According to Maslow once a person reaches this peak of Pyramid he can be in auto motivated mode.

Though to an extent i agree that a man cannot be bound to the theories but still the iconic Milkha singh has proved if you just keep yourself enough motivated then success

Bhaagmilkhabhaag_Maslows Hirarchy 13

Though the motivation behind every race he won was different followed by his dedication and devotion but still the similarities couldn’t be neglected.

The story of Milkha Singh is un doubtly inspirational. In this three hour saga, which takes us from Milkha’s childhood in then Punjab-now Pakistan, the trauma of Partition and being torn from his (Milkha’s) family, his lawless youth, his joining the Indian Army and gaining respectability. Followed by discovering the joys of running. For himself, and for the honor of his nation.

Bhaagmilkhabhaag_Maslows Hirarchy 9Working in a biopic definitely Farahan has made his name hard coded not only in hearts of Indians but also the international crowd to bring the story of Glory on the big screen with the respect it deserves .So the crowning glory of this one goes to Farhan and the director Omprakash .

~ Kriti

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Will sharukh be able to do Makeover for FROOTI

In the line of fruit flavored drink that too from the land where Mango the king of fruits is there who else can represent rather than king khan

I have since long appreciated that Frooti from the family of fruit flavored drinks  was standing alone without facing the need to be backed up on the shoulders of some actor or actress but after all this is a tough game and I see frooti showcasing Sharukh  Khan in add which was an intelligent choice but the add rather disappoints me .:(

Frooti SRK

What I like about the concept They have tried to show A MALE icon the KING KHAN drinking the drink which invariably tells that Fruit drinks can also cherished by males and there  it is nothing feminine / soft etc about them .  So if fruity decided to take a male lead then Sharukh is the best and most intelligent choice . May so strongly they wanted to portray this thought they showed all Soccer Players.

Which on other hand goes in sync with the path breaking advertisements Sharukh has done in resent past TVC of TATA Tea
(where he says that in all his movies lead actress name will be before him ) or the TVC  LUX ( the beauty bar which was proprietary of all legendry actress of Indian cinema)


Sharukh Khan

Parle Agro
The Frooti campaign was developed at Creativeland Asia, Mumbai, led by creative chairman/creative director and copywriter Sajan RaJ Kurup, executive creative directors Anu Joseph and Vik

ram Gaikwad, creative director Rajat Dawar, creative director/art director Ravi Shanker (TV), art director Deepak Jage (digital), copywriter Riti Hamlai (digital), working with Nadia Chauhan, chief marketing officer at Parle Agro.


Click here to see the full add of Sharukh and Frooti Sharukh Frooti ADD

But then what sharukh is doing in this add is mystry some how iam neither convinced nor impressed with the concept of this TVC which just makes it look tempting and this job is already well done by Kaitreena  for Slice . In the TVC King Khan quenches his thirst in front of the pee-wee soccer team … and hang on a second. I’m not sure if the bottle lasted so long, or if the thirst was so big that the team grew up while watching him, or if it was the sight of ice-cold Mango Frooti that turned the entire team into kidlets. BTW what that song means its catchy though 😛
Acting is Good but then whats so unique about Frooti here ? Cant they come up with some fresh concept.

All I get by this add is that Indian males are the target audience who will follow sharukh like they did for emami fair and handsome


Where as on other hand Slice is following its trend a step ahead with Kaitreena Kaif who was showcasing her seductive side in

earlier series now is becoming playful although in the game she also has got convinced a handsome hunk to love slice and leave his old mango drink even when he is blindfolded .

Kaitreena Kaif
Pepsi Co
Haal kaisa hai janab ka”, sung by Shalmali Kholgade,

MAAZAAnd there is the other contender MAAZA who tells “har mausam aam”  and now Imran Khan is to convince Parineeti chopra and us that Maza can do it in every season be it the mango season or not. As love and mango’s are not season dependent.

Parineeti Chopra & Imran Khan
Coco Cola India
Conceptualized by Leo Burnett (Delhi) and directed by Jayant Rohtagi. In addition to leveraging mass media advertising, integrated communication plan includes roll-out of a range of initiatives including out-of-home (OOH) media, digital, point of sale merchandise and on- the- ground initiatives across all key markets.

So where MAAZA and SLICE have proceeded a step ahead after temptation FROOTI is still a ladder behind on temptation . and I guess that’s what the data says from FEB 2013 that market share of Maaza is 37% , Slice 22% followed by frooti 13%.

Will sharukh be able to do any wonders to Frooti ???

ABCD Any Body Can Dance is the best gift to Dancers in India

For me ABCD is a movie which is full paisa vasool movie. To let the fate of a film hang on the talent of just dance alone takes humungous belief in self. Truly, impossible is nothing… if you dare to dream. Remo Sir… THIS IS IT!

Yes I can go and watch it again for the quality for the dance for the respect I have for their work in the movie .
ABCD buddhu box 5Every time I used to see the step-up series and others like I used to envy them and think why the hell we don’t have a movie on dance where we have so many unique dance forms of our own.

At last director Remo D’Souza’s heard my voice and made one though it still doesn’t captures the Indian dance versions but never mind it is a pure treat to eyes and heart. You may start tapping your feet with the rhythms.

Though a  little predictable and not very unique concept but still it has all in it emotion action drama, dhamal and good turning bad, bad evolving as good, love, nationality and more important than any of the above this movie has DANCE in it . Dance in its purest form.


This movie was dedicated to dance and had dance in it. This movie don’t has dance as part of it it has story as a part of dance. In about 143 minutes, ABCD tries to catch the emotions, aspirations, rebellions and values the contemporary Indian youth so cherishes

One of my highest disappointment was the movie NAACH by ram gopal verma

ABCD buddhu box 2

I really felt prabhudeva with his endearing accent (Mohanlal-like Hindi) enhances the authenticity of the character – he is a man who left Chennai 15 years ago to pursue his dreams in Mumbai. I have to confess I fell in love with his character and DANCE .

Ya another treat to eyes were the acting of the choreographers. The young cast, all dancers, display such seasoned emotion in the execution of their roles that one can easily say Any Body Can Act. And that is a huge compliment for this hitherto unknown bunch of dancer/actors who set the stage on fire… literally! They all did a fabulous job . It’s a tough job to put so many talented people at one place and give everyone their space role dance to act on and justify it. SO I give 9 on 10 to this movie in all these aspects.

The choreography of every dance sequence is breathtaking and Remo has had the unenviable task of looping in a story within dances. Not a flaw in the script, as the story moves on from frame ‘one’, to the spectacular finale.

ABCD buddhu box 1
Hang on; there is a flaw, and a huge one at that. A team has to change props and their performance at the last minute. However, within 10 minutes they are ready with a track. They could have managed it with either incrising the time limit or adding another scene in it But you are willing to let go of this cinematic liberty as the film climaxes. 

So Don’t miss to watch this one and admire the new bandwagon of actors who are the best dancers .

(There are so many in our bolly wood who don’t know either and still exist as parasites )

Iam already waiting for the sequel.3D or no 3D make a sequel soon 🙂

ABCD buddhu box 3



Travelogue of An Idiot Abroad : Karl Pilkington

This is one of the most amazing travel shows I have seen even some of the boring places seem worth traveling  there with Karl.SO for me this series which taught me the meaning of ROFL ,LMAO etc etc literally. Its Hilarious. Iam one of those person who got bored with the regular Umm Yummy,that’s lovely, Amazing type of standard statements on travel shows.

Despite the stated focus of visiting the locations , most of each episode focuses on Karl Pilkington’s reactions to cultural differences and idiosyncrasies in the countries he visits. To make things more interesting, show guys unexpectedly call Pilkington during each trip, to assign him tasks often not related to why he believed he was visiting the country in the first place.

This mostly includes association with some local special person and I believe he has no prior warnings of these
cases at least the way he reacts shows so. SO to me its more of a real documentary rather than a planned one as most of other shows on television and his comments are real flavor of the series .No wonder they planned a part II of it.This is the show where there is no substitute of laughing loud.This series gives you glimpses of being with friends who constantly leg-pull you even on phone

Now if you are thinking about the lead of show Karl Pilkington Is he really that dense? Is he a brilliant
comedian? Is he a misunderstood visionary? Parts of all three, no doubt. But he never, ever disappoints. He is so original real this is for me in a true sense reality show An Idiot Abroad is ridiculously funny and even when it’s clear that Gervais and Merchant – pulling the strings back home in England and communicating with Pilkington via cell phone – are having a cruel laugh, it’s nearly impossible not to fall apart laughing at poor Pilkington’s fate. He often mentions things about his girlfriend well to be honest its not only what he says but how he says it makes it more worthy to watch.

OK let me share some part of it  The duo send him to a fortune teller in China who, through an interpreter, tells Pilkington that he’s got a heart problem and needs to take care of himself. “Is it going to kill me?” Pilkington asks. Through an interpreter, the answer is: “Ninety percent.” Pilkington: “Brilliant.”

The show is a travelogue +  social experiment + practical joke on Poor host who is designated Idiot on the show and the show is named after him. In short I love the concept and show

Ok now some things directly in Karl’s way from (Courtesy : sundaymercury blog )

On Travel :”I don’t understand that saying ‘travel broadens the mind’ – The mind cannot be broadened after the head has stopped growing. My mind was full before I did all these trips. All that has happened is that some of my older memories have been replaced with some new ones, which is annoying as the old ones were better memories than the new ones I’ve put in there. Well, I think they were.”

I think is this enough to encourage you to take a glimpse of it.

Series  Start date                                End date                      Episodes

1          23 September 2010                11November 2010      8

2          23 September 2011                11 November 2011     8

3          December 2012                      December 2012          3

To know whats there in each of the episode : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_An_Idiot_Abroad_episodes

Directed by     Richard Yee, Krishnendu Majumdar, Jamie Jay Johnson, Benjamin Green, Luke Campbell

Starring           Karl Pilkington,Warwick Davis (Christmas Special),Ricky Gervais, Stephen Merchant

And its out on DVD’s too . Karl has written a book on season 1 as well iam yet to read it though

It comes on TLC Wednesday 9.30 pm or s

Heroine is Just Part of Madhur’s Professional Series

Madhur Bhandarkar is a Professional Director leaving no profession unturned for his movies.I think he is picking up one on one professions to uncover the politics and games people play in the arena. So the next pick up should be medicine and engineering as his series is incomplete without them.

As All his movies heroine too has

  • As the movie unfolds you keep finding similis to the real world gossips heard with real world Check 
  • characters in a mix and match fashion Check
  • Wronged lead protagonist. Check
  • Cheating lover. Check
  • Clinical depression & smashy eyes with black mascara falling  Check
  • Manipulative friends. Check
  • Homosexuality. Check
  • Smoking ,drinking and drugs Jail Check
  • Rising and then eventually falling and slowly fading in career. Check

I think that has been Madur’s personal style for long and almost every movie Corporate  , Page 3, Fashion and Now Heroine

Year Movie- Profession
2012 Heroine -Acting
2011 Dil Toh Baccha Hai Ji -Service Class (Off Beat from Madhur’s regular stuff)
2010 Jail -Police , Prison and Criminals
2008 Fashion -Modelling
2007 Traffic Signal- Street Hawkers etc
2006 Corporate -Business Class
2005 Page 3 -News and Reporting / Media
2004 Aan: Men at Work – Police , Prison and Criminals
2003 Satta – Politics
2001 Chandni Bar – Prostitution/ Bar Girls


 2-3 places movie is abruptly edited, I mean you miss continuity there in the movie.

Script & Story:

Yes this movie has story though kind of predictable but still when it came for me to narrate it I realized that It took 15-20 minutes to summaries it. Yes it had a story most of it was combination of Fashion and Dirty picture.

And on literally front I can compare it with paulo coelho’s Winner stand alone.

It’s great that Heroine picks not a typical top star as his lead character, nor is she a struggling actress who’s rise we see from the very beginning. Her journey is told to us from somewhere in the middle. At a point in which she’s most distraught and finds her way to a police station for a reason that is not told to us immediately and when you do find out, you can’t believe the pettiness of the issue. I doubt the character or the writer/director knew why she was there.:P


As the bi-polar, erratic, insecure and vulnerable fading star, Kareena gives a superb performance. She looks beautiful, glamorous and makes Mahi her own. In fact, some of the incidents seem to be lifted straight out of Kareena’s life (yes, there is an MMS scandal as well). So if this movie works all credit goes to Kareena Yes iam saying this for her acting and looks

Helen, playing a yesteryear superstar, gives us the moral of the story: that selling your soul for the glitter of glamour will always, always end badly.

Looks Dresses etc:

Kareena looks sensational, but is also brave enough to risk being ugly on screen, literally and figuratively but then all her dresses and designes seems to be copied/ inspired from Sony Viao add though the product itself is not directly vouched for in the movie

Music :

Very average music overall with only one number like Halkat Jawani

Story leaves you with heavy heart but then as said truth is bitter and you entered into madhur bhandarkar cinema not for a power puff remake of south movie.

So after movie you know why you read what you read in newspapers . You know some times some things are beyond award functions etc etc which you already suspected so no knowledge add on

So I will say you can watch the movie but be sure what you are going to find there .