Jai Ho : Power puff common man

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Once upon time some one told me don’t go to watch a typical Bollywood movie with your analytical brains. SO with courage I tried to take my child like brain  in to hall and clap on every roar of Salman Khan and even when he crunches bones  and flinging bodies .But finally ended up in laughter on the weak linkages of story
Pay it forwardThe moment he said he wants to start a goodwill chain . But he is no ordinary do-gooder. He doesn’t take a mere ‘thank you for a response. He exhorts the grateful beneficiaries of his acts of bravery to keep the spirit going by helping three other people each. Does that rings bell . Yes this concept is exact copy of an classic English movie “Pay it forward”. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0223897/ I thought might be the copyright of the movie would have expired so they were free to pick up the concept. Well if he would have thought of two arms Do you still remember how the chain marketing people proceed on the way .I don’t know people will start the chain of good deed after this movie or not but definitely children will learn biting as best defensive mechanism after all salman uncle does it quite often in the movie.

jai-ho-Buddhu box 2Don’t underestimate the power of a common man ..after sharukh from Chennai express its salman in jay ho endorsing aam admi party 😛 .  You will come to know why Salman Says “sujuki hayate yu hi nahi chalate “ for his bike stunts …. Copy copy amir khan ki copy.re many super hero common man moments but the cherry on top is Sunil Shetty coming with his army tankor on road to save salman almost when fight is over and still salman goes in autorikshaw of Mahesh manjrekar. All police cases in any area go through Aditya pancholi only. In short there are many moments in the movie where you will shout aloud and say SERIOUSLY DUDE 😉 .

On a tangential node I feel this movie is made to glorify salman’s image and tell him what a great human being he is .

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Jai Ho is a virtual parade of actors whose movie careers are in desperate need of assistance – Ashmit Patel, Yash Tonk, Mohnish Behl, Nauheed Cyrusi, Tulip Joshi, Bruna Abdullah, Sana Khan, Aditya Pancholi, Sharad Kapoor, Varun Badola, Santosh Shukla and the like.Each of them gets his or her few flashes of fame in the film. But eventually none of them rises above the din to be seen and heard.


Dhoom 3 Fans Please don’t read it

d3 5Movie is a box office hit and by far the most emotional one of the Dhoom series. Amir khan proves to be a gravitational puller for the audiences in the movie theater. No doubts he has worked harder on the looks and most importantly dances. I have never seen him dancing this much in the movies but was dance so crucial element for the movie? They should have rather worked on script.

Madam katreena, I first time came to know that someone is really passionate about the carrier options of working in circus. Fine I give you credit for all the acrobatics you have done.

d3 3

Though there are few moments which leave you stumped in movie of the negligence they took while making movie. How in one scene the super cop is hurt badly under his ruptured super bike and next he is on roads doing broom wroom . Will someone tell how Amir Khan has actually stolen money? All what we can see that he knows driving bike vertically on walls and capable of $ rains. Any ideas on how the two boys grew up without any support? Why they got any need to join two bikes?

d3 4Not only has the character of Jai Dixit made entry in movie doing stunts with auto rickshaw along with his management quota candidate Mr. Udai Chopra. He tries to act funny when not at all looks so.The so called action super cop Jai Dixit  is neither able to catch any of the thief nor return the money/valuables  back  to the government and still he is super cop. Almost in every sequel he is on verge of being fired by the department. Wait! But my first question should be why in the first place Chicago police called you, dearth of translators or what.

Though the movie tries to create a feel of Fast and the furious but fails to reach nowhere near it. All the films borrow (to be generous) liberally from other movies, and “Dhoom: 3” picks some nifty sources, with everything from “The Blues Brothers” cop-car pile-ups to Christopher Nolan’s “The Prestige” showing up for a salute, though the three main motorcycle set pieces are mounted with sufficient skill as to render them beyond complaints of stealing.

So I believe my message is clear Iam not at all impressed with movie.

Aashiqui 2 Needed a Alcoholic Rehabilitation Center to be Ashiqui

All I could say in one line is that this movie would have done a little justice to its name had they used a rehabilitation center in the movie.What are the story writers of Bollywood doing . Even if they want to be inspired by devdas please learn read and follow literature and character.

Yes you got it right I have some serious issues with the movie’s story and its relevance from the beginning the hero is shown to have drinking problem and which goes on severe with coming days. Where he is ready to leave his GF love of life and finally commits suicide rather than leaving or properly trying to leave drinking habits. Nobody even suggested them for going to proper de addiction centre
aashiqui_cover Buddhubox

Actually at end of it I doubt whether any part of it was even love as they way movie proceeds it makes us feel that the characters are so thankful to each other that they cannot leave the other one.

And what kind of parents he had who were never bothered by what is going on with son’s life he is ok or not. His carrier is at downfall his cash flow etc. . Even the Uncle JI never bothered to inform his parents that their child needs attention.

Meanwhile let me tell you iam ignoring the “so called STARDOME of HERO” are we Indians that big fan of singers ;).

The poor hero lost his life because his depression and addiction was not treated well.

Rehab Center of Ashiqui2Yaa a suggestion to all so called true lovers /Girlfriends please don’t think drinking problem can be cured by singing songs and shaving the hero in some iland .This is an addiction and needs a proper cure  assisted by doctors and proper methods . Muktangana Rehabilitation centre is one of such dedicated NGO’s  http://muktangan.org/


Similarities with other flicks

  • AASHIQUI 2 brings back memories of A STAR IS BORN, which was made thrice in Hollywood — in 1937, 1954 and 1976.
  • AASHIQUI 2 bears no resemblance to its namesake.
  • You don’t miss strains of Hrishikesh Mukherje’s 1973 hit Abhimaan (starring Amitabh Bachchan and Jaya Bhaduri) in the drama that follows. Aarohi’s stardom escalates and so does Rahul’s envy. Ego somewhere comes in the way of their love.

Aashiqui set quite a few trends. It ushered the new-age musical on release in 1990. The soundtrack emerged as a hero, setting a template that let producers make profits casting unknown names as leads. Finally the music, the film’s real winner. A battery of three composers (Mithoon, Jeet Ganguly, Ankit Tiwari) give the film its big reason to cheer for. Also, lend a ear to newbie singer Arijit Singh. Here’s hoping Aashiqui 2 does for Arijit what the first film did for Kumar Sanu all those years ago.But then after watching the movie the songs have lost its charm. But the movie has done its business on bunch of people who want to justify alcoholism or true song lovers .


Race 2

This the comic revenge (badla) story of Saifu after all not every one dares to make a sequel with  same set of all hero and Race-2 Saif-Ali-Khan Car Buddhuboxheroines so Bips had to Go .so all what is left are few gorgeous looking ladies with Tanishque jewelers and power puff John abraham

A lil has left to do for Anil Kapoor but that still brings some fruity double meaning jokes and Amisha Patel has almost lost her existence in the movie.

race-2 Car Buddhubox 1Loads of tempting cars and lovely cinematography with some admiring locations of Istanbul story is still not much convincing almost seems as picked up from some super commander dhruv etc . They talk about millions of cash as if discussing some chocolates to be distributed among children. Everyone knows what the other one is planning so I guess they want to tell you people are already predictable

In entire movie I kept waiting for some dazzling dialogues which will make me clap but need less to tell I was disappointed .

Ok some of the twists in movie make you feel ahh that’s the one while rest are kind of predictable so maybe I was there with higher expectations and the climax was fully FUSSSS

If I compare I miss the Quality of songs in Race 1 some jaw dropping twists But still you can watch this movie if you believe that a good company can make any movie work . In short it’s a no brainer movie with the only one man performing in movie “Saif Ali Khan” rest no one has got space to act and show their traits.

On the second thought what could have made this movie better a lil bit of more bonding mystery between the bro and sis duo.

Lil bit of more than money driven people with some tangential purpose and twists

Or may be a little bit of unpredictability would have done some wonder.Image

Heroine is Just Part of Madhur’s Professional Series

Madhur Bhandarkar is a Professional Director leaving no profession unturned for his movies.I think he is picking up one on one professions to uncover the politics and games people play in the arena. So the next pick up should be medicine and engineering as his series is incomplete without them.

As All his movies heroine too has

  • As the movie unfolds you keep finding similis to the real world gossips heard with real world Check 
  • characters in a mix and match fashion Check
  • Wronged lead protagonist. Check
  • Cheating lover. Check
  • Clinical depression & smashy eyes with black mascara falling  Check
  • Manipulative friends. Check
  • Homosexuality. Check
  • Smoking ,drinking and drugs Jail Check
  • Rising and then eventually falling and slowly fading in career. Check

I think that has been Madur’s personal style for long and almost every movie Corporate  , Page 3, Fashion and Now Heroine

Year Movie- Profession
2012 Heroine -Acting
2011 Dil Toh Baccha Hai Ji -Service Class (Off Beat from Madhur’s regular stuff)
2010 Jail -Police , Prison and Criminals
2008 Fashion -Modelling
2007 Traffic Signal- Street Hawkers etc
2006 Corporate -Business Class
2005 Page 3 -News and Reporting / Media
2004 Aan: Men at Work – Police , Prison and Criminals
2003 Satta – Politics
2001 Chandni Bar – Prostitution/ Bar Girls


 2-3 places movie is abruptly edited, I mean you miss continuity there in the movie.

Script & Story:

Yes this movie has story though kind of predictable but still when it came for me to narrate it I realized that It took 15-20 minutes to summaries it. Yes it had a story most of it was combination of Fashion and Dirty picture.

And on literally front I can compare it with paulo coelho’s Winner stand alone.

It’s great that Heroine picks not a typical top star as his lead character, nor is she a struggling actress who’s rise we see from the very beginning. Her journey is told to us from somewhere in the middle. At a point in which she’s most distraught and finds her way to a police station for a reason that is not told to us immediately and when you do find out, you can’t believe the pettiness of the issue. I doubt the character or the writer/director knew why she was there.:P


As the bi-polar, erratic, insecure and vulnerable fading star, Kareena gives a superb performance. She looks beautiful, glamorous and makes Mahi her own. In fact, some of the incidents seem to be lifted straight out of Kareena’s life (yes, there is an MMS scandal as well). So if this movie works all credit goes to Kareena Yes iam saying this for her acting and looks

Helen, playing a yesteryear superstar, gives us the moral of the story: that selling your soul for the glitter of glamour will always, always end badly.

Looks Dresses etc:

Kareena looks sensational, but is also brave enough to risk being ugly on screen, literally and figuratively but then all her dresses and designes seems to be copied/ inspired from Sony Viao add though the product itself is not directly vouched for in the movie

Music :

Very average music overall with only one number like Halkat Jawani

Story leaves you with heavy heart but then as said truth is bitter and you entered into madhur bhandarkar cinema not for a power puff remake of south movie.

So after movie you know why you read what you read in newspapers . You know some times some things are beyond award functions etc etc which you already suspected so no knowledge add on

So I will say you can watch the movie but be sure what you are going to find there .

Ferrari Ki Swari (Ride on Sachin’S Ferrari )

Government of India Zinadabad  I think first time ever in the history of Indian cinema I have ever heard this word in non sarcastic way and with such cuteness that even listener will start feeling the proud on GOI. And the Movie which has done so is  Ferrari ki sawari

movie is standing alone in theater on shoulders of 3 generation of males Bomen irani (Gran

Tripod of Ferrari

dfather ) sharman joshi (Father Rusy (Rustam Deboo)) and Ritvik Sahore(Son). The movie  has one invisible character too whose name has done all the acting in movie and that’s our Sachin tendulkar . He hardly has any appearance in movie but the Cricket God has major role to play in the movie and justifies the Indian saying of Bas naam hi kafi hai . Ferrari Ki Sawaari is Sharman Joshi’s first solo movie and to our surprise, his character in the film would make people sit and notice his calibre as an actor. Sharman plays a heart-warming and a lovable character, portraying his extraordinary acting skills. Zayo (Ritvik Sahore) is a brilliant discovery, who pl

ays more like a Junior Sachin Tendulkar. A brilliant player, who finally makes it happen to the Lords, stands tall as a young and budding talent of the industry. Boman Irani delivers a smashing performance as Rustam’s father. Irani plays a marvellous role and unarguably leaves a mark as a superb actor. What would make you love the film is that the other characters like Sachin’s lazy guard, his servant, the garage man (Samshu bhai), the wedding planner, the councillor’s son Pakya, wouldn’t go unnoticed. They leave a mark in the film for their respective colourful role and brilliant performances.

It has an unusual plot premise all right, but the connection between Sachin’s flaming-red Ferrari that is spirited away from its parking bay and taken on a merry spin across Mumbai and a young boy’s ambition to play at Lord’s and notch up 100 centuries for India is too far-fetched to be convincing. Still it is intelligent plot, that would make you sit and watch an ordinary man’s sky touching dreams and his earnest efforts to make it come true, at any cost. (AT least iam dam bored of the plots with 3 boys 6 girls or south Indian remakes) So for me it is fresh J even though predictable at times.

The movie is bundle of joy and simplicity and honesty we miss these days . The way each and every traffic rules are followed without missing a single step reminded me how many movements I actually don’t do while driving a two wheeler even with 4 wheeler.

Song by vidhya balan is simply inspired by song “mala jau dea na ghari asa vazle ki barah”  and the only heroine appearance .Songs are OK at least they fit in movie but not as catchy as they could be . But then I have rarely seen music as a strength of Vidu Chopra’s movies

Directed by Rajesh Mapuskar
Produced by Vidhu Vinod Chopra
Written by Rajesh Mapuskar & Vidhu Vinod Chopra
Starring Sharman Joshi, Boman Irani, Ritvik Sahore
Music by Pritam
Cinematography Sudhir Palsane
Editing by Deepa Bhatia & Rajkumar Hirani
Distributed by Vinod Chopra Productions

The movie becomes predictable in areas

  1. The screenplay reveals its hands all too easily, and all too frequently. Once he receives the money, Rustam places the bundle of currency notes in the Ferrari’s glove-box. You instantly know he is going to leave the money behind. He does.
  2. A little later, he clambers back into the car to retrieve the money and you immediately know that the covered vehicle will be stowed away with a sweaty Rustam strapped to the driver’s seat. It is.
  3. In an important scene, Behram approaches his old back-stabbing teammate Dilip Dharamadhikari (Paresh Rawal in a cameo) for financial help – the two men are meeting after 38 years and the treacherous friend is now a powerful cricket administrator – and you know he will be turned away empty-handed. He is.
  4. And of course you know that little Kayoze, despite all the pitfalls in his path, will realize his dream of walking on the hallowed turf of the Lord’s cricket ground. He does.

Though at times if not with right set of people you may feel this is unrealistic but still it’s a cute movie you may or may not watch it in theatre but will leave you with lil optimism even on TV.

The lil message in movie what ever you see your parents doing you will not hesitate in doing so This paradox is created by Sharman and Ritvik Vis a Vis the Politician and his son

But I liked the movie 🙂 for lil Ritvik  and innocence of all its characters we see them around.