White Collar: Cop Vs Con

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This one  series is all too Indian concept with chor(thief) police fights and friendship ,Good cop bad cop and all masala intelligence and smartness Sounds familiar .. Yes you are right in india we have seen many movies based on the concept  and since most of them have made their place on box office this series  will also make place at least on your TV or laptop J
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About the Show

This is a show about a convicted white collar criminal who winds up working for the FBI man who caught him. To stay out of prison, convicted bond forger Neal Caffrey offers to help the FBI capture other white collar criminals using his expertise as an art and securities thief, counterfeiter and racketeer. And with that you can imagine the mischiefs of a thief and the bond developed between the two.

Its well said some times the bond we create in tough times are much stronger than the bonds created in the smoother times. So does their bond. They know each other have faith on each other but still don’t trust each other to share the secrets and on.

Some might find my comparison strange and not so relevant but if you have heard of Indian epics the character of cop shows similarities to character of Ram (Lord Ram). Loves his wife, righteous where as the con man is similar to Krishna(Lord Krishna) in his Adonis form, smart and tactful.  Their contrast is the key to show with the added spice of interesting concepts and cases of forgery.

Some insight on Lead Characters:

white collar buddhu box 3A)     Neal Caffrey: Role Played by : Matt Bomer

B)      Peter Bruke: Role Played by : Tim DeKay

C)      Mozzie:Role Played by : Willey Garson , often called Moz, is Neal’s most trusted confidante. Abandoned as a baby, he grew up in an orphanage in Detroit where he learned to be a con-man early.

Well you might feel few questions all the way in series season after season till you decide to let them go

Why You will Watch White Collar

  • Very clever and has your rooting for both the good guys (FBI) and the bad guy (Neal in this case). The pairing of the FBI couple is just right and of course Matt as the con reminds me so much of Pierce Brosnan in the movie “After the Sunset” in which he played a perfect con man and there grew to be a grudging respect between the con and the FBI guy (Woody).
  • The serial is indeed based on so much of research done on the small moves
  • Again the basic advantage of the show is that each episode has its own story which may or may not have connection with the main theme or concept of the season and that’s a perfect glue.
  • You will really like to watch how the Neal manages to made good and bad at the same time smartly .
  • There are episodes where you can see that they both trust each other for being a perfect backup but still don’t trust each other which is wonderfully portrayed. Kind of Both the guys are dedicated to their basic profession to the core of being a cop and a con
  • And if smartness of handling makes you fall in love then you are  in love with Neil and in case you fall for dedication honesty and ethical ones then you like Peter And by any chance you have a devotion to both then you are glued to the series after series .white collar buddhu box 2

You can actually see onscreen how the bonding between the two characters grow up with the growth of series as I guess the bonding offscreen would also have emerged well

How to Watch it


Sam and Dean Winchester Do Supernaturals Season 8 in India

After sucessfully running seven seasons of Tele series Supernaturals whats there in season 8 of supernaturals …yellow eyed deamon ,lucifer and michel , Apocalypse, Pergurgatory  what New God what could be the next move to keep season going on and on. Well while watching supernaturals have this thought ever occurred to you what if this all happens in India. Ya in our very own India will the road a line of roses with public support or the bumpy with bumpy roads and encounters with traffic and population you can imagine some interesting plots coming up if they chose India

  • They have to face the bumpy roads and for sure they have to spend half their time in garrage or will be buying a new SUV  so for sure their beloved impala will be gone as soon as they get the taste of indian roads. And guess what if they are stuck in traffic jams they will have to catch auto 😉 or the local train … Man it is going to be real tough job  
    Will they have to say good bye to their beloved impala in supernatural  Make: Chevrolet
    Model: Impala,Year: 1967
    Engine: V8 327 4 Barrell
    Horsepower: 275bhp
    Transmission: 3-spd Auto
    Body: Sedan
    License Plate: (C-45P4 1973, BQN 9R3 1997, KAZ 2Y5 2005, RMD 5H2 2006, CNK 80Q3 2007-Present)
  • People support will be loads to them infact in every house and relegion people will come up with their own theory enough to confuse them 😉
  • People will be more touchy and for sure Dean is never going to eat in hotels in fact their tiffen box will be packed 😀
  • Job will be lot easier in fake id’s and all No stress of even getting caught Indian Police is busy dealing with lot other things
  • They have to face lot many babaji spread around , tantriks and why to forget we have lots of fairs in india for all this stuff so occasions needless to say they will be overwhelmed by Indian knowledge on the subject
  • Holy water will be replaced by Gangajal and that comes now even in packets
  • They will be dam confused in church mandir gurudwara masjid etc
  • Rather then some spanish mantras they will have hanuman chalisa in hands OMG the thought itself has thrilled me up 😀
  • But their main angel God helper role will be done by Hanuman Ji and man their are many
  • The random support system from god will be Narad Ji who has his expertise in news transmission and gossiping
  • They will be dam confused in saggrigating the real issues from the medical ones
  • They might induge themselves in some tantrik sadhna at some samshan graveyards i mean they will not always be able to find them all alone aloof
  • For sure they will get loads of descriptions and tele serials on TV and who knows some of peopel will might even tell them that Shani ki sade sati chal rahi hai (Kaal sarpa dosha etc etc)
  • Yes here their series will seriously be banned in case u made fun of God and shown them drinking and smoking at least you have to show Gods once in their Golden ornaments
  • Even if they pick gods one by one we have cores of Gods with their domain specifications Finance : Kuber, Creator : Brahma
  • oo yaa it might happen that every “son of bitch ” will be replaced by “son of  ***********” i mean sensor board can cut it .
  • Ok now lets talk about girls in their life 😉 thinking can you go to the story line of Satyawan and Savitri

With all this i can say they can have an entire season shot in indians or in honour of indians (not only keeping gods like Ganesha and Kali ) I strongly feel the management of Indian Gods at indraloka is far more intresting and exiting plot for them to play. Hmm at least after writing this much i think they could at least dedicate few episodes to this.Because i can see lots of spice in it 🙂 and trust me TRP internationally will just shoooooooooooot upppp 😀 Worth giving a shot  Eric Kripke

Or in case by any chance this article is caught by some indian writer you know what to do .. Simple boss just make a remake of it. Well you can put your indian twists in it and no one will be ever saying u did some copying.

To know more about the tele series go to https://creativekriti.wordpress.com/2012/02/04/catch-supernaturals-with-dean-sam-winchester/

Any ways keep reading keep watching 🙂 Sooner or later they have to come to India to keep the show running 😉 here all this stuff flows naturally 😀

Catch Supernaturals with Dean and Sam Winchester

Now that I have realized that I have flair towards the ghostly and all non normal fantasy serials After Heroes and x files now it’s supernatural.

Well as the name suggests this serial is all about the SUPERNATURALS exist in US(till now) but the research is taken worldwide and all known and unknown names are being used for the same.

About the Show:

On broader view I will say this is the story about 2 brothers who were trained to be Hunters (who hunt supernatural’s Ghosts, Jhinns, witches, vampires , ware wolfs etc etc ) and with their own story which turns out to be bigger plans as the story unfolds .

Some insight on Lead Characters :

Dean Winchester:

Jensen Ackles

Dean : Jensen Ackles

Role Played by : Jensen Ackles. (Ridge Canipe – child Dean)

About Persona: From an early age, he was trained by his father John Winchester to hunt down and kill things of the supernatural. However, unlike his brother Sam, he shows no resentment toward his father for being “raised like a warrior.” He seems to prefer “the hunt” to the possibility of a normal life in the beginning. He is Protective and caring about his brother Sam though has a shield where he doesn’t lets any one to enter emotionally .Kind of avoid all emotional talks type person. He is the one who will use humour easily flows out of his persona.

More Details :  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dean_Winchester

Sam Winchester:

Jared Padalecki

Sam : Jared Padalecki

Role Played by : Jared Padalecki(Alex Ferris – child Sam & Colling Ford as Child/teen sam )

About Persona: Sam is different from his older brother in that he is sensitive, rational, more innocent, and used to be more concerned with living a “normal  life” than his brother; in spite of this, it is obvious that he would do anything for Dean. He rebelled against his father’s attempts to raise him as a demon hunter and enrolled in Stanford University after having a harsh fight with his father. SO what takes him to become hunter His mother,Mary Winchester was killed by a demon.Hi father,John Winchester now has an obsession of finding the thing that killed her.John then goes missing and Sam is picked up by his brother Dean winchester to help find him.after they return Sam’s friend Rebecca,loses her friend the same way Mary died.When Rebecca’s friend dies he leaves Stanford. Sam looks up to Dean in many ways and sometimes adopts some of Dean’s mannerisms. Over the years, Sam has given up on the idea of a normal life, and has accepted that he is a freak.He becomes more rational with ongoing seasons. Inspite of differences in openions with his bro he turns out to be an obedient brother

More  Details  :http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sam_Winchester

 Well you might feel few questions all the way in series season after season till you decide to let them go

Some unanswered Questions on Supernatural

  • How the hell they make their living?
  • How they manage to travel all on cars that too no snow anywhere so what they do in hibernating period 😉 At least till Season II one episode some flakes are there
  • Rock salt guns etc etc. seems dam funny, always salt and holy water MAN|| with this speed I have to keep Ganga  Jal with me to keep sprinkling 😉
  • Where they keep their cloths as their trunk is filled with all guns and gases which were not caught by till now
  • They make you realize that US also people can do frauds easily fake ID’s etc etc and never getting caught 😀
  • Why no one has ever thought donating them some money 😉 to account or some property ? 😉
  • Whats their dad doing all the time when he is not there i guess he had more of his hunting carrier than the boys. 😀
  • They make you realize that its not Army /Police etc who make us safe its these bunch of selfless hunters who are sacrificing a lot to keep the earth safe .Indeed a noble thought 😉
  • Now a million $ question what will happen if they will come to India 😉 Your views are most invited.

Why You will Watch Supernaturals 

Honestly speaking if you go for logics you will prefer going with x files that has reasonably more argumentative logics but then when you see the bonding of brothers and the emotional content with worthy  acting on charming faces you override your logic’s.

You even know that they are just some good work done on special effects which can seem repetitive but not the music which makes you feel that’s it !!!  It getts better season by season.

I will say that Supernatural’s is catchy and you will like watching it. The good point is that story has little room to play out and the personal story is great. Well with season 1 you have to be patient to watch until some half of the season at least to be connected to characters and have some good gripping stories then you will move to the seasons on its pace.

Its all the emotional drama (including ghosts ) you accept the brothers as is in spite of they being different but united in their unique ways make you like the episodes and nevertheless the variety of ghosts and concepts to end them . Might be funny not only the daemons but also the way of treating them if you put logic but there is something which can bind you to series try it out on your own

You can actually see onscreen how the bonding between the two characters grow up with the growth of series as I guess the bonding off screen would also have emerged well

  • Season 1 concept  is Finding dad & Revenge
  • Season 2 is about Saving Sam and Killing Demon Yellow Eyed
  • Season 3 is about Demon Gate and Saving Dean
  • Season 4 is about Angels 😉
  • Season 5
  • Season 6
  • Season 7

How to Watch it

Year 2012 “Lie to me” We are ment to lie ;)

“Truth is written on all our faces”

Every move of yours says some thing I bet this is a series will be leaving the viewers to be hypersensitive to every small move of muscles. Lie to me is based on research into what might be called “face reading” done by Paul Ekman, a celebrated psychologist praised for his trailblazing work in translating clues people give when they are lying. He can apparently learn at least as much from a twitch or a blink as even the best detective could deduce from a lengthy interrogation. Tim Roth plays Cal Lightman, a character who seems only very loosely modelled on Ekman, even though he dabbles heavily in the same kind of endeavour — translating “symbolic gestures,” “deception perception,” breathing patterns and many other such clues. I must admit that Roth is very intensive performer who personifies the character with all its cynicism pretty well

In terms of Wikipedia “In the show, Dr. Cal Lightman (Tim Roth) and his colleagues in The Lightman Group accept assignments from third parties (commonly local and federal law enforcement), and assist in investigations, reaching the truth through applied psychology: interpreting microexpressions, through the Facial Action Coding System, and body language.” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lie_to_Me

Ok let me tell it simple words why you will enjoy watching this series its because what ever they discuss in show about body language and expression you can do hands on them in real life unlike other series where it is written that the stunts are performed under experts guidance 😉 You cannot be Bones, You can Not be Dr Who , You can not be CID 😀 but this series will surely make u up to catch few known and unknown facts

Expressions and habits are universally the same irrespective of minor changes due to cultures of the nation so doesn’t matters you are watching it from which ever part of the world you will get it.

Let’s face it — sometimes, we’ve all wished that we knew what someone was thinking. This show ” emphasized how interesting it would be to read a person’s honesty based on their facial expressions.

A tip from the series “When you’re lying, it’s hard to tell a story backwards”

Well to be honest I don’t remember every thing told on the series after all its too much for my little brain to grasp but still good to hold 😉 Neiither I try to read the expressions on and on because of 2 reasons 1. Iam not expert to comment and 2. I want people to give freedom and I Know ignorance is bliss … hee hee

Some stuff which you will be able to discuss only after watching the show 😉

  • One thing which I found different in this series than others is that the last episode doesn’t makes some promises or an ending which will make you wait for next season
  • And the lead pair are till now just good friends and no love stories are involved between them. As if every other lead show makes the lead pair working to forcefully fall in the love and marriage trap
  • Also in some episodes it is shown that some cases are picked up on personal basis like people involved with the team working in the Light man group as if boss we have no work give some work

My encounter to the series is from the Star World they have telecasted its season 1 & 2 and season 3 was grabbed by me on internet

Viewers In millions No of Episodes  On Air in Year
Season  1 11.06 13 2009
Season  2 7.39 22 2009-10
Season  3 6.71 13 2010-11
Season 4 Awaited on Fox channel
  • In season 1 most of the time they dealt with 2 cases in parallel
  • Seson 2 had some where the theme to show the lightman as an emotional person
  • And in season 3 the theme could be to highlight the grey shades of his personality. One of the main problems with “Lie to Me” Season 3 is that most of the cases are no longer Law Enforcement or Legally Related, yet Dr. Cal Lightman and his Lightman Group are still getting people to cooperate and bullying them when in fact these people are under no obligation at all to give them the time of day.

You can imagine this is the show which prompted me to share this with you all and do the secret promotion of it so its surely worth giving a try .So with this show review in this new year I can say that i will be writing for some English series too. Hey dont miss to share how you liked it.

Beyond this if you develop the deep inclination to move for the field https://face.paulekman.com/face/default.aspx could be the right place to follow

Wishing you all a happy and prosperous new year ahead.

Best Wishes Kriti

Happy Birthday Star “Life Ok” & Good Bye Star one

Star  with Rupert Murdoch’s entertainment company is launching Life OK, a brand new channel aimed at the 150 million television viewers in the Hindi-speaking market. “people are just too free to watch TV and sit on Internet “

Well I think colors and ndtv india is giving star group a tough competition 😉 as they are already drawing youth to watch their shows so very few left to watch whats on the channel. So they have to accept the failure of star one and come up with an idea that now they will not cater some selected age group but some selected mind sets which is in major .( What difference it is going to make let the time tell)

As the trailer shows man is not happy in life by what and when he is getting things he always feels he deserved better or someone else is having better so the channel wants to say that appreciate what you have . The name Life OK reflects the philosophy of the new brand. “Through our stories we wish to tell people that you are free to seek what you want but in your search for more you must not forget what you already have,” Sounds like kahan ghar ghar ki 😉

“Teri to hai aish , apni to dhat tariki , uska dekho style, apni to dhat tariki…..”.

But I don’t see any special fresh breeze in serials it just like colors ,sony,zee etc http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Life_OK    😦 except  the following

  • for the fact that the telesoaps on the channel will be for 7 days of the week . Which means that you will feel same on every day in this channel no Sundays for them.
  • Life OK also plans to manage advertising inventory differently. It will have three shows an hour unlike the standard two on other channels and advertising breaks won’t exceed two minutes. Which means you have less time doing dish washing
  • It seems they are so much into chasing other channels that they missed to cater the young star one fans .. as i dont see any series for them teel coll going gang as of now.
  • “Recognising the importance of youth, the brand has been launched via a weeklong digital engagement plan and the biggest online concert ever with an eight-hour-long Life OK Rockathon exclusively for the web,” The web concert on Sunday included performances by Shankar Ehsaan Loy, Euphoria, Agni, Shaa’ir and Funk, and Indus Creed. The musical duo of Salim Sulaiman, Kailash Kher and the talented Shilpa Rao also enthralled the audience in this never before web concert. So Boss its the only channel who also had an e launch till now 🙂http://www.lightandlife.com/concert.htm


  • Choosing Madhuri Dixit nene a women from middle class reached stardom on her own is the smart move on channels part. Madhuri Dixit will be the channel’s vivacious ‘Suthradhar’ and will guide viewers about the stories on the channel and its link to the channel’s philosophy.

I can see this is going to be the major launch of the season under the new CEO Armed with a launch budget of more than Rs. 700 crore, the channel is expected to spend Rs. 120 crore in marketing the brand via digital media, roadblocks on television, print and outdoor campaigns. The rest is being invested in programming and distribution.

Where is star one suddenly gone ??? Its now life OK with fresh serials Time only will tell the fate of the channel but till then lets welcome the new channel life OK http://www.lifeok.com/

 Biding Good Bye to Star One Sega

Well after almost 7-8  years of Star one we are saying good bye to it. Start one was a Youth oriented channel and almost every serial was based on chocolaty love stories be it vampires or school collage going kidos you can listen to the story and tell its start one.

When Long back it was launched for almost 1 year i was impressed 🙂 by this channel as it came up with brand new fresh feel serials like guns and roses, siddhant and Remix all were great start-ups but the entire feel of the channel deteriorated with the time and  I started using the channel as comedy channel whenever you have to see some thing beyond the world goody or bad watch and laugh

The only consistent fav of all class and age group was Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai

Its sad :(( that “abb geet parayai nahi ho payegi” pyar ki ye kahani me vampire werewolf & humans will stay together forever and colleges will be waiting for some hip hop people altogether .;)

Dwarkadheesh ~ A tale of Shree Krishna

Dwarkadheesh ~ A tale of shreekrishna as is on ndtv imagine

This is a telesoap after long which is least dramatized in the crowd. This is the only current serial which i will not mind buying the original dvd.This is the only mythological serial I have seen which poses spirituality as logical and sensible , one can easily put in logics and connects it to the happenings of the current era. So couldnt resist writing few praises about this one.

10 things which makes this worthy watching

  1. 100% + on writing of serial  Iam actually impressed by the way writer has understood the character of Krishna and posed in neutral way. Must say that after a real long i have seen some thing on television as least adulterated potrey of a character .Krishna is many time shown as a child but this time he is more explored as himself. I actually feel mesmerized by the character of Krishna like never before.Because i feel telling about krishna while personifying him and maintaining the glory of god and making people fall in love with his every act is extremely tough task which is done so well. Because i strongly believe that the way he logically defined the character will make even those people watch this who dont believe in Krishna as a God or even in any God. Thats the power ..
  2. 100% on Choice of Vishal Karwal  in the lead role of Dwarkadheesh shree krishna is so apt as if he was ment for this role and yes he doesn’t makes you miss nitish bharadwaj the old krishna .He is able to potrey krishna as naughty , sincere ,empathetic ,dramatic ,king, as vishnu in all roles so perfectly. He began his career with Roadies, was seen as lead in Colors’ Bhagyavidhata and Rishton Se Badi Pratha. And must say he took best decision of his life by not entering into big boss this season..
  3. 99% on camera work of shots and editing of the show and picking up the story sequence as the character of Krishna is so vast and so detailed.
  4. 95% scores on not stretching the stories till now. Stories keep going in the right pace and if u miss episode it makes u feel that you have missed some thing in the day. so its worth watching almost every episode.Starting the mahabharata  yug soon so lets see how long they take this .. I just hope the TRP trap shouldn’t make them to stretch the stories like K soaps.Then my scores will go down badly on that one  😉
  5. 90% scores on perfect background scores  and bhajans even the bhajan maestro anoop  jalota makes it so apt .
  6. 80% score on casting other characters, most of them fit the roles aptly and specially loved the choice of kids as sudama and krishna
  7. 80% score on choice of wigs and hairdos especially males , they dont look very fancy or too much out of place and in case if i have to compare with others then will give them additional 10% scores for that.
  8. 85% on dialogues of the serial , though they some times become repetitive but its ok they still make sense
  9. 75% on sets , again sagar bros reutilize them in serials but its ok they are good and light direction is also good.Hey did I said I truly love the mukut of shree krishna best one designed till now. Their makeup artists are also doing well they don’t overdo the makeup which makes it clumsy to look on screen
  10. Unlike most of the mythological serials here equal respect to every god is given like every God is just best in his/her department and they do things for each other like to run a great company CEO’s work in coordination . WIN- WIN for all gods 🙂 .As absence of this feeling actually repelled me from many mythological serials.

Sagar Bros have done a superb job till now , truly commendable .. U will make ur dad proud 😀

Now they have a tricky role to play to be neutral and show the real Krishna in Mahabharat row.I will actually appreciate if they take roles of Mahabharata Pandavas and Kuravs as Gray people rather than plain black and white.Lets see how it turns up.

I know for readers of this blog this must be actually strange that iam not finding any thing to criticize about the show. Sorry i haven’t found any thing non recommendable about this serial. will surely write if i find in future. Till then try to follow read more on the website of ndtv imagine 8pm  on weekdays  http://www.imagine.tv/in/shows/subhome/179/69 also you can follow the episodes http://www.imagine.tv/in/shows/videos/179/69 or myduniya.com etc sites