Besharm : should be re titled as CAR CHOR

I will defiantly talk about some indigestible stuff of so called sumptuous movie of Kapoor family. Who may be wanted some on screen family time.What a waste of talented actors; Yes, I’m talking about all except the heroine who seemed to be freshly arriving from the operation theater of plastic surgeon . To make her a combipack of Priyanka chopra and  Amisha patel. With acting sense of fardeen khan 😉 ,brain of rat ;sorry rat I didn’t meant to insult you.

Besharam_ On Buddhubox 3

She is manager but lives in small chawl like house. Single ready to mingle to a classy rich boy and falls for a orphan professional thief who is merely 5th pass.And is afraid of dogs not Don’s. The girl’s mother is from some confused era who at one point faints on vegetable rates on other allows her girl to roam with loafer. Well I just want to communicate to two ladies madam ji “dil to sweeper, driver , gangster sabka achha ho sakta hai so ??” BTW why on first place the fell in love or did they fell in love. this movie has surpassed even ‘shuddh desi romance’

Story of Movie can easily sum up in a line; its simple Car thief steals the car of the girl he likes and must steal it back from a dangerous hawala king to win her over. There is a song for every dam occasion to show Ranbeers dancing skills . O did I not mentioned actresses south Indian steps and otherwise grumpy looks.

Besharam_ On Buddhubox 2Now the Kapoor aka chaotala couple they have good screen presence spoiled by poor script and character definition .But they were the ones who spiced up the so called climax of the movie. With some sunny paa ji  pranks

The Hawala king Jawed jafferi and his team carry a roket launcher , seriously that’s the Idea to carry a rocket launcher in street  openly and people are cool with it. What an sedulous don who does all his menial works on his own.

Somebody please tell the director and producer of the movie that you don’t put the title of the movie on basis of multiple occurrences of the word in the movie. If that would have been the case then every  other movie of Dharam and sunny would be titled “kutte me tera khoon pe jaounga” 😛

In brief this movie is perfect example of how right ingredients can make tasteless dish because of naive cook .

Besharam_ On Buddhubox 1


Teri Meri Kaahani Guesses why it was made

I think that the writer director of the movie were trying to speak about soul mates and they meet in every era 1960, 2012, 1916 But why this order was chosen to confuse people who knows. This movie also tells that shahid will always have 1 ½ soul mates he is the dude with options and obvious dilemmas to choose between two girls.

In short movie is like you are watching same love story in 3 channels and toggling the channels in between believe it or not with same lead characters But why are you watching it NO one can solve that mystery. SO in all the 3 stories is merely the repeat telecast of same twist less obvious story.

Thankfully, there are no past-life revelations and dangerous confrontations. The love stories are so predictable and don’t even make you connect to them. Everything turns out to be pretty fathomable.  Except that these days couples keep connected via FB, messages etc and how it can be misused if a relationship is drowned.

In my terms it is a time kill watch movie HFFF

Teri Meri Kahaani
Direction: Kunal Kohli
Actors: (Priyanka Chopra, Shahid Kapoor) * 3

But I have some wild guesses why this movie “teri meri kahani” was made

  1. Director Kohli was compensating his contract with dress designer & hair stylist whom he has not given his previous 2 movies.
  2. He had severe fight with the writer of movie who bluffed him by showing one story as 3 by changing characters name and location. OOO but surprise Kunal Kohli him self is co writer Now for sure writer ran away in between
  3. Director thought of 3 stories and even eni mini mina mo was not able to give him his answer so he made 3 in one
  4. Director is highly obsessed with selling scheme of 1 pe 2 free
  5. He wanted to caste the lead pair for 3 movies because of their so called love chemistry but cost cutting made him turn all of them into one.
  6. Editor of the movie asked more money and by then kohli was bankrupted by lead.
  7. Movie has a copy paste mistake.

What Kunal Kohli  could have done from saving it from disaster

  • He could have concentrated on one story wholeheartedly and made it .
  • It  could still have remained inspired by the tiwaneese movie “Three times “ 2005 but could so progression in stories in different eras
  • Or at least twists in stories could have been better and unique
  • He could have picked the forms of love for each of the stories.

Ra one a Disaster by/ for / of Sharukh

Let me confess that this review cannot be the fullest one as iam trying to watch Ra One since 1 month constantly daily and unable to bear it more than 5-15 minutes still a part of movie is left which iam not in position to complete so its on you iif you want to trust on this review or not

I have to write this quick review to tell that the movie is not bearable and I have no regrets in saying that I enjoyed robot far more than this Ra one so did my nephews.

This one is another one made on the name of villains

I bet sharukh must have seen this movie before premier so he has given all his sweat to at least make people to go in theaters at least once , just enter once that too with family becoz he knew no one from that family will ever come or recommend this to any one.

  • I didn’t liked the way sharukh portrayed the south Indian character I felt it demeaning 😦
  • The double meaning jokes are strictly not for kids
  • In fact the game companies are not run by the way its shown its all so crappy
  • And some how I was so encouraged to cut the extra long sadhna cut hairs of this kid to take glimpse of his real face atleast once 😉
  • The best part of the movie is special effect they are really good of international standards

Iam still unable to find this movie is for which set of target audiences as it fit none and tortured every set of group

So in all I cant even watch it on TV but if you have guts you can try it on TV while I don’t think there is any harm in playing with the toys sharukh launched dancing in every  city 🙂


DRONA YYYY after all why they made this movie??Story-I was in search of it.  What is actually the task of drona??
What confuses me even more is the era and the city where this all happens .DRONA is another era confusion movie after Sawaria (why know directors do these dumb mistakes)If this is today’s movie then Y characters are not using Guns where this king of mazic happens. if it is a historical movies then how cum cars are there.
The start of movie reminds you the harry potter in his house as an orphan.Where on the earth this land is there. The Blue roses concept again picked from harry potter. The Drona is neither able to gather the sympathy nor the praise from the audience.The movie was so boring that I almost completed all my pending works of the week with without paying attention ..All time confused expressions of Abhishek and crazy villan with bad standard fight.
they could have tried better so atleast kids would have enjoyed it Krish was much better than this


I would certainly rate Alif-laila by Ramanand sagar on DD more than this movie. Have these people seen the Hatimtai on star plus long back they would have got that even TV serials are producing quality digital effects. Then public expects at least at par to that.

I cant even waste more lines to write about the movie In short a utter waste of such good characters.

I can certainly understand now Why kidnap is picking up in box-office against this.I pity on those who went to theaters to watch DRONA.

Please KIDNAP me before I think to watch this one

Recently got chance to see the 2 movies DRONA & KIDNAP.KIDNAP first.Movie is running on the shoulders of Sanjay dutt. Acting of the new Khan is stagnated heroine hff. he can deliver better than this . Story is OKSongs are fine can be sung.   Now let me come to some strange loops of the movieHAJMOLA TIME J

  • Maine tumhe KIDNAP kiya hai (Ohh wow what an interesting news) the girl must have said thanks to make her re dressed with shoes after swimming.
  • Ye India ke beaches itne saaf (so clean)
  • The girl wants to take bath earnestly and the guy takes her to sea , sticky bath weird Idea.
  • The sanjay dutt finds perfect fit fire brigades uniform. cum on give me a break .how could a jailor be so stupid not to put an alert in jail.
  • The cause of the movie itself is not less amusing The guy actually stolen the car and not only that met that with accident with the girl.(why no one thought of calling ambulance or autorikshaw )
  • The confession dialogues wo ladka bhi apse mafi mangna chahta tha- are bhai to phone kar leta. And aaj yaha se ek naya …. Jayega …please cut the crap. Stop playing this sorry sorry yaar.
  • And if the guy got limb even after treatment then hff what to say
  • Now the girl is seriously injured life and death issue I guess we all were able to see the after effects of that on her with the malnutrition and brain less acts.:)
  • Now the last stuff of the movie.. Now I’m a software engineer in a company I’m feeling so unsecured am I working with criminal’s .Well software companies please do strong background check before hiring.
  • Agli baar samudr mai tairne itni door mat jana –(please don’t go that far in sea next time to swim)- Yes boss to make next time kidnapping easy

One liner for the movie-ye movie kuch hazam nahi hui

So in short this movie is one of the movies which will make you realize importance of dialogue writer.A major credit of success of Jab We Met goes to the apt dialogues and perfect script.



U Me Aur HUM

umeaurhum the new White Movie copied by some English movie and can say inspired by another english movie 51 dates

If u want to cut short the movie just put a filter on word U KNOW SOMETHING  and the movie size will be reduced at least by 1/3 and if you delete/ff songs then u have saved other 1/3 time of yours and the rest left is the 1/3 of movie  half of the movie(1/6) is filled with the overacting of Dr Ajay i.e our Ajay devgan and rest half 1/6 is truly good one which comes almost in 2nd half of the movie.

So judge yourself u want to go for the movie or not.

Do u remember movie Black ….now think of this movie as White

As  Kajole has a blackout and she finds her brain as white as blank paper every now and then due to her alzimer at very young age of 28.

Ya she is looking so tanned in the movie are they specially designed looks or the home production didn’t let her use her sunscreen for outdoors.

After Chandani (shreedevi) another heroine that luvs White J in movie.

But yes I admire the way of dreaming and following the dreams in the movie after all that’s all about the true luv making others dream come true.and telling that luv is about either being Selfish for your loved  ones or being selfish in style so that u and ur loved ones are together happy ….

Cum on guys and girls where is your wish list

U know some thing If u don’t then bad luck will follow you for next 10 minutes (I cant say for more after all you had courage to read my blog)